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Committments Project

No description

hannah Nagi

on 17 May 2011

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Transcript of Committments Project

Project Committments Hannah Nagi
TE 804 A-MAG Athens Literary Magazine A-MAG An independent publication that encourages students to submit works of art, original photographs, and creative literature. Art Work Photography Poetry The Facts A-mag is a completely indepedent publication; twenty+ members, three editors, and one advisor.
A-mag does not recieve any funding from the school, and students raise all of their money on their own.
A-mag is considered a club, so all work is done on students' own time.

A-mag is created for students by students! The Ca$h Money a-mag is an annual publication that usually costs about 1600 dollars to produce. These kids work very hard to raise the GREEN...here's how:
School Sponsors
Personal Donations
The Winter Coffee House
The Spring Tea House A-mAg Advisor Mr. Dan Mills A-mAg editors Mallika, Cicia, & Alison The Process After students submit their work, A-mag memebers evalute each piece as objectively as possible
Each evaluator judges a piece according to an objective scale in which creativity, level of expression, and complexity are all considered
There are at least three evaluators per piece whose scores are averaged together for a final total
The "best" pieces or the highest scoring pieces are then considered for publication ... The Winter Coffee House January 2010 THE END!
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