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Exam Invigilation

No description

Lana Aziz

on 25 April 2011

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Transcript of Exam Invigilation

Exams at EC
Exam Preparation
Starting the Exam
Prepare students to enter the room
Ensure students line up in candidate number order in the quad area
Check for unauthorised material such as mobile phones and other electronic devices
Check that students have the correct equipment (must be in a transparent bag)
Check pockets are empty
During the exam
Finishing the exam
Arrive 15 mins before the exam
Examination folders must be collected from the examination officer/key holder 15 minutes before the timetabled start of the examination if not already in the Exam room
The packets of question papers must not be opened until the time appointed for the examination concerned and not left unattended at any point
Late Arrivals
Banned stationery
Toilet break
Fire Alarm
Be Vigilant
Stop the exam
Collect papers
Dismiss students in an orderly fashion
Arrange papers into candidate number order
Return papers to the examinations officer
Record Keeping
•only answer questions from candidates about the instructions on the front of the examination paper
carry out any other task

read a word or words printed on the question paper to a candidate, other than the instructions on the front cover

comment on the content of the question paper unless an ERRATUM NOTICE has been published
read through the question papers
• Supervise the candidates throughout the duration of the exams

The Invigilator

Along with the candidates, the invigilator is the most important person in the examination room.

Open the question paper packets in the candidates' presence
Instruct candidates to enter names, centre and candidate numbers on answer booklets
Announce clearly when the candidates may begin writing their answers, having specified the time allowed for the examination
Once the examination has started begin to fill in the relevant paperwork
On the examination folder you will find the details of each examination
Start by placing Candidate number cards in candidate number order on the desks
In the mean
Ensure the relevant exam Title, Start and Finish times are displayed clearly
Prepare the room
Special Requirements
Year 12
6022 Maya Afridi
6067 Keiran Munn
4008 Zainab Ahsan
4114 Nokhez Usama
Year 10
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