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science rubbish

No description

Ju Mae

on 20 August 2013

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Transcript of science rubbish

There is many trash/ rubbish in the world.
What is the problem?
This is a really huge mountain of rubbish in 2020
This is a huge mountain of rubbish in 2012
The solution is easy
Our clean Earth
The 3R's
Are people aware of the problem?
People generally are not sufficiently aware of the problem of rubbish and it is hard to change our habits to help towards a solution.

We need to make sure that everyone knows the facts of the situation and understands what they can do to help us fight the rising tide of rubbish.
Every year the ..... produces ...... million tonnes of rubbish.
Examples of things we can do:
Reduce emissions toxic fumes into the atmosphere.
Use less energy
save water
buy energy-saving light bulbs
don't leave unused devices in stand-by mode
Use recycled materials
Don't pollute water
Every year millions of tonnes of household waste go to the rubbish dump.

Rapidly growing pollution of industrial areas threatens our natural environment.
sort out rubbish
use recycling centres
These steps must be taken to prevent environmental doom!!
harness alternative
sources of energy
such as:
solar panels
wind farms
geothermal electricity
hydrogen fuel
Don't toxic sewage into rivers

Help build a sewage treatment plant

A few ideas for reducing rubbish:

• Take your own reusable bags when you go shopping

• Purchase unpackaged goods – loose fruit and vegetables

• Choose quality products that will last longer

• Purchase concentrated products or refills
What can we do to reduce our amount of rubbish?
By: Julia Maestretti
Separating rubbish
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