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Adjectives Vs. Adverbs

Visual review of the the parts of speech: adjectives and adverbs (middle school)

Katie Mallette

on 13 August 2013

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Transcript of Adjectives Vs. Adverbs

Let's Review!
Adjectives vs. Adverbs
An Adjective modifies, or describes, a noun or pronoun.

An Adverb describes an action verb, adjective, or other adverb.
How can I tell if a word is an adverb or an adjective?
Specific Adjectives:
Articles: a, an, the
Proper Adjectives
Specific Adverbs:
Think about the word being described!
Is the word a person, place, thing, action, or another modifier?
What is the adjective?
Review Questions
My father took me to a small club once.

We heard an old man play the saxophone.

His saxophone was golden and shiny.

The music sounded strange and mysterious.

Flurries of rhythmic sound surrounded me.
small -> club
old -> man
golden, shiny -> saxophone
strange, mysterious -> music
rhythmic -> sound
What is the adverb?
Review Questions
We talk excitedly about the movie.

Phoebe quietly disagrees with Diane.

She obviously hated the film.

Funny movies never make her laugh.

I think the movie was incredibly funny.
YouTube Video on Adjectives
YouTube Video on Adverbs
The sun beat heavily upon the plants.
Adverb - heavily is describing how the sun beat.
The sunshine was beautiful today.
Adjective - beautiful is describing sunshine.
Great Job!
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