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Timeline of the Ottoman Empire

No description

Delphine sevrain

on 16 January 2013

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Transcript of Timeline of the Ottoman Empire

1000 Nomadic Turks take over Persia 1299
A.D 1071
A.D Seljuk Turks Defeated and seized Eastern Anatolia Osman was a particularly ambitious ghazi. He declared independence from the rest of the Seljuk Turks and began to take over land and conquest with a group of followers 1302
A.D Osman 1 establishes the Ottoman state, after defeating the Byzantines at Nicaea 1345
A.D The Ottoman empire gained access to the Mediterranean sea 1453
A.D The Ottoman empire annihilated the Byzantine Empire by taking over their capital, Constantinople. 1456
A.D They captured Athens, and in the next 11 years, Serbia, Bosnia, Albania 1520
A.D Suleyman I, know to his people as
" Law giver", comes in to power, starts the Golden Age 1526
A.D. Hungary is conquered by the Ottoman Empire 1566
A.D. Suleymanm the " Magnificent" reign comes to an end. End of Golden Age. 1683
A.D. By now, the Ottomans had reached their greatest extent and began their dramatic downfall 1691-1695
A.D. WAR!!!!!! With Austria, Poland, Russia and Venice 1699
A.D. Treaty of Karlwitz was signed by the Ottomans, giving up some lands to other Empires. 1600s
A.D The Ottomans push Peter the Great of Russia out of the Ukraine. In 1454 the Millet system came to be. 1700s
A.D. Catherine the Great, conquered a peninsula in the Ukraine, gaining access to southern lands, also forcing the Ottomans to allow the Russians access to the Black Sea. 1736 - 1739
A.D. Russians and the Austrians fought a war agents the Ottomans 1806-1812
A.D. 1828-1829
A.D. War between the Ottomans and Russia break out. War between the Ottomans and Russia break out. During these wars the Russians gained vital land around the Black Sea, also Bessarabia . 1853-1856
A.D. This was the Crimean War that was fought by the British, French and the Ottoman against the Russians. They were victories in their conquest taking back the Balkans and the Black Sea. 1877-1878
A.D. Russians gain back the territory that the Ottomans lost then gained back in the last war. 1914
A.D. World War 1.
Brace yourselves.
Keep Calm and deal with the Ottomans. 1918
A.D. The Ottomans supported Germany in the campaign against the allies during WWI. the Germans lost, therefore, so did the Ottomans 1920
A.D. After WWI, the Ottoman empire was destroyed. On August 10, 1920, the Ottomans signed the Treaty of Sevres, forcing it to give up most of it's territory. The UK got power over their new mandates: Israel, Jordon, and most of Iraq. France gained the mandates Syria, Lebannon. 2013
A.D. Beginning of TIME
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