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Percy Jackson And The Lightning Thief Epic Story Elements

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Deena Cromley

on 1 October 2013

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Transcript of Percy Jackson And The Lightning Thief Epic Story Elements

Percy Jackson And The Lightning Thief Epic Elements By Rick Riordan
By Cooper Cromley P.7

Epic Hero
As the son of Poseidon, Percy Jackson is a brave, crafty twelve-year-old half-blood. Percy is helped by Grover, a male satyr, and Annabeth, the smart daughter of Athena. Percy is threatened by Medusa, Ares, Hades, Luke (the sun of Hermes), and ultimately Kronos.
Percy Jackson
Epic Plot
Percy's Odyssey with Grover the satyr and Annabeth the demigoddess from New York City to Los Angles, to find and return Zues's lightning bolt, is quite riveting and full of peril. Percy finds out about himself, his abilities, and the gods through conflicts with divine creatures like Medusa, Ares, and even Hades.
Epic Setting
The setting in Thw Lightning Thief varies greatly, from Camp Half-Blood, to New York City, to Las Vegas, the Lotus Casino in Las Angles, and the Underworld, but no matter where he is, Percy always seem to find himself in danger!
Epic Archetype
There are many archetypes in Percy Jackson And The Lightning Thief: the epic temptress ( the Lotus Casino waitresses), hero battles monster ( battle against Medusa; battle against Cerberus), a treasure ( Zeus's lightning bolt), loyal servants ( Percy's friends), descent into underworld (when Percy went into the underworld), the damsel in distress ( Percy's mom) and the hero ( Percy Jackson).
Percy VS. Medusa
The Lotus Casino
The Hero
Epic Theme
With Friends, family, and willpower, you can overcome any obstacle.
Annabeth, Grover, and Percy
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