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Living through the Civil War

Taking our audience through a life a old american during the civil war time.

bria davenport

on 18 December 2009

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Transcript of Living through the Civil War

Living through the Civil War Leading up to the civil war 1848 Election of 1848 -Election between
Zachary Taylor and David Wilmot Wilmot Proviso -An admendment to prohibit slavery in any territory acquired by the Mexican negotiations. Gold Rush -An American carpenter discovered gold in the foot hills of CA.'s Sierra Nevada Range.
-Drove CA.'s population
UP!!!!! 1849 1850 Compromise of 1850 (1)Admitted California as a free state.
(2) Popular soverignty in Utah and New Mexico.
(3) Sale of slaves banned in DC.
Requires people in free states to help capture and return escaped slaves; if caught without free papers. (4) Fugitive slave law. Underground Railroad Secret way to freedom; provided food, shelter and clothing. Famous conductor Harriet Tubman. Personal Liberty Laws Created by 9 northern states.
Guaranteed those accused of being a runaway a fair trial. 1852 Humanized Slavery 1854 1853 Kansas-Nebraska Act To create a continental Railroad. 1856 1855 Supporters and opponents of slavery flood into Kansas and a wage of terror. Preston Brooks beat Charles Sumner with a cane because
he talked about his cousin,in congress. 1857 Dred Scott Case 1) Saw that Blacks were property.
2) Called Missouri Compromise unconstitutional. 1858 Lincoln-Douglas Debates This made Lincoln a National figure. "A house can not
stand divided" 1859 John Brown's Raid White Abolitionist an attempt
to an armed slave revolt in Harpers Ferry, VA. 1860 Election of 1860 LINCOLN WINS!!!!!!! South Carolina Secedes They oppose of Lincoln's possibility of abolishing slavery. Confederacy Forms Ft. Sumter THE CIVIL WAR BEGINS!!!!! Lincoln sends troops,food and supplies to Fort Sumter.
South Carolina felt attacked and Fires on Ft. Sumter. 1861 First Bull Run Union invades Virginia.
The North underestimated the South. 1862 Forts Henry and Donelson Cuts off the Confederacy from Virginia. The Monitor and Merrimack First time having Iron ships. Battle of Shiloh The south did a staged suprise on the North,
But the North won. Battle of Antietam Bloodiest day in History.
Lincoln fires McCellan
Encourages Lincoln to write the Emancipation Proclamtion. This was a draw. Emancipation Proclamation Issued on January 1,1863
Declaring slaves Free 1863 Chancellorsville Gettysburg Lincoln later turned that site into a memorial Battle of Vicksburg Very Strategic Battle
Goal:to Capture Jackson,Missippissi 1864 Sherman's March to the Sea Sherman Led his army through Georgia,
burnt up Atlanta.
Missions was to destroy the South's will to fight. To Learn More Check out this website:
http://www.history.com/civilwar/shermansmarch/ Lincoln's Re-election Lincoln was re-elected to office with
Vice-President Hannibal Hamlin.
Set up the 13th Amendment. Appomattox Court house Lee surrendered to Grant
Ends civil war The North Wins!!!!
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