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Stereotypes in Magazines

No description

Georgina Bonney

on 18 March 2013

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Transcript of Stereotypes in Magazines

Stereotypes on Masculinity Stereotypes in magazines - Muscle & Fitness Magazine
- 'Muscles, abs and strength = masculinity'
- Use of athlete to portray a 'real' man who plays sports, works out and eats healthy
- Command:
-> "Power up your diet"
-> "Get lean and muscular"
- Created through athletes Stereotypes given in product ads - Sketchers Advertisement
- Kim Kardashian: well known reality- star and model
- Slim, neutral make- up, perfect hair
- Makes it look as though she uses the product to get/ keep her figure and look 'healthy' Stereotypes on Ethnicity - Time Magazine in 1987
- Asians stereotyped as being very smart and all rounded with their subjects
- Stereotypical nerd
- Stereotype is said to boost their confidence
- Comes from: Asian's seeing education as social advancement and as an important factor Weight Stereotypes - Glamour Magazine
- Two different sized women
- Judging people and making assumptions based on their bodily appearances
- Created by celebrities, magazines, media Stereotypical Product Ad - If women wear this make up, men won't be able to resist them
- That this celebrity wears 'Max' make-up
- Wearing this make- up will make you look 'sexy'
- Makes women look like sex objects
- Women should only care about their looks
- Looks like a trophy What is a stereotype? A popular belief that people have about specific individuals or groups. The Perfect Couple - Pregnant woman
- Woman: gentle smile
-> kind woman
-> happy
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