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The Odyssey Cultural Significance/Impact

No description

Corentin Prigent

on 14 November 2012

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Transcript of The Odyssey Cultural Significance/Impact

What was the response of audiences
of this epic poem? The Odyssey Cultural Significance/Impact of the Odyssey Corentin Prigent, Cris Cappelli, Morgan Van Zelst, Hannah Hartner
Mrs. Mooney Carboni
H. English
November 8, 2012 Which writers were
influenced by Homer? What is the modern day response of audiences? How could this story be presented in today's world? How might it be presented in the U.S.? Paradigm This was a famous piece of classical Greek literature
which serves as a symbol of Greek unity and culture,
revealing moral lessons of heroism, pride, courage,
and honor relevant to later Greeks. Response was mostly admiration and awe.
People like the characters
References to Greek Mythology. Homer Influenced:

William Shakespeare
James Joyce-"The Odyssey"
other novelists, playwrights, and poets
modern influence: movie "O Brother Where Art Thou". Influenced by rhapsodic oral poetry Ben Bernanke Odysseus Response was generally good

People liked the poem

Things attracted the readers like the voyage that Odysseus had to undertake. Classic
Many people started reading it
Different versions came out
Most people liked it Paradigm The End!
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