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Annual Report 2011-12

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Transcript of Annual Report 2011-12

annual report 2011/12
Advocacy and Rights Centre who are we? We promote and support services that protect and enhance the rights and interests of those who are disadvantaged due to structural, social, economic or cultural inequalities. The Advocacy and Rights Centre has four key programs:
Tenant Advocacy and Support for public tenants
Tenancy advice for private tenants
Loddon Campaspe Community Legal Centre
Consumer advocacy and advice We're a human rights organisation based in Bendigo, Australia, with services in Mildura and Shepparton
The Board John McPherson (Chairperson), Mandy Stewart (Deputy Chairperson), Rebecca Boreham (Member), Barry Keane (Treasurer), Trevor Elliott (Secretary), Pat Boyer (Member), Niall Hensey (Member) Administration Alex Mactier (EO until Dec 2011), Paul Kirkpatrick (Acting EO Jan-Jun 2012), Jane Staley (EO from Jun 2012), Joanne Baker (Finance Officer), Carolyn Munson (Finance Officer), Denise Williams (Reception/Administration), Tenant Advocacy and Support Julie U’Ren (Team Leader), Leah Berger (Tenant Advocate), Kirsty Waller (Tenant Advocate), Jacinta Quin (Tenant Advocate), Lyndall Blandthorn (Tenant Advocate), Vince Simonetta (Tenant Advocate), Jenny Pillmore (Tenant Advocate), Margrete Hamence (Tenant Advocate) Loddon Campaspe Community Legal Centre Peter Noble (Coordinator), Anna Howard (Principal Solicitor), Chris Casey (Solicitor), Michael Hennessy (Solicitor), Bonnie Renou (Solicitor), Tabitha O’Shea (Seniors Rights Victoria Solicitor), Steve Womersley (Communications), Charlotte Powell (Community Legal Education and Development), Marlene McLoughlan (Social Worker), Elaine Harrington (Administration), Alison Rees (CLC Reception) Resignations Loretta Waters (Tenant Advocate), Kylie Heasley (Tenant Advocate), Joanne Ellis (Solicitor), Paula Glassborow (Solicitor), Zubin Menon (Solicitor), Jessica Lee (Administration) We promote change that
tackles injustice and inequity
promotes community consultation and awareness
ensures long-term organisational viability, and
expands the organisation’s services where compatible In 2011/12 Loddon Campaspe CLC provided
1836 advices
756 cases
8 lunchtime legal education sessions, and
25 Sex and the Law presentations

Loddon Campaspe CLC's Family Relationship Centre program assisted 116 clients, handled 10 cases and delivered 74 legal information sessions in Shepparton and Bendigo.

Via the Goulburn Valley CLC Pilot, Loddon Campaspe CLC provided a further 199 advices and undertook 71 cases. Uniting Care: CuttingEdge, Victoria Legal Aid, Legal Services Board, Clayton Utz, Victoria Law Foundation, Centre for Non-Violence, Annie North, Njernda, Bendigo and District Aboriginal Cooperative, Swan Hill and District Aboriginal Cooperative, Shepparton/Bendigo Family Relationship Centre, La Trobe University, Council on the Ageing, PILCH, Eastern Community Legal Centre, Seniors Rights Victoria, St Kilda Legal Service, YouthLaw, Consumer Action Law Centre, Dennis Nelthorpe (Footscray and West Heidelberg Community Legal Centres)

Loddon Campaspe CLC gratefully acknowledges the Victorian Government (Department of Justice), Commonwealth Government (Attorney-General’s Department), Clayton Utz Foundation, Legal Services Board of Victoria and Victoria Law Foundation for their funding. Legal practitioners volunteered through a range of services provided or facilitated by Loddon Campaspe CLC
27 practitioners supported Bendigo evening advice service
12 practitioners supported Shepparton evening advice service
6 practitioners supported outreach at Bendigo Health program providing secondary consultation to LCCLC lawyers, access to libraries, and community/professional legal education.

In addition, law firm Clayton Utz provided
the Clayton Utz Foundation Fellowship for the Advocacy Health Alliances project
digital dictation services
access to library services
secondary consultation and receipt of pro bono case referrals, expert legal advice underpinning legal research and policy work by Loddon Campaspe CLC. Lawyers
Megan Aumair, Peter Baker, Matt Barkla, Annette Brewer, Stephen Brooks, Daniel Cole, Ian Dallas, Luke Docherty, Mark Donaldson, Riley Driscoll, Kevin Finn, Frank Gay (Legal Executive), Paula Glassborow, Peter Goffin, Zak Hardinge, David Heasley, Mary Higgins, Gabrielle Howley, Tim Iser, Emma King, Trevor Kuhle, Marina Leikina, Alastair Lyall, Kirstie Lyons, Sam McGee, John McPherson, Zubin Menon, Michelle O’Sullivan, Russell Robertson, Lachlan Singe, Heather Smith, Mary Stewart, Simon Swayn, Rose Walsh, Greg Westbrook, John Whelan, Skye Engwerda, Kate Freshwater, Greg George, Jasmine Goddard, Ashleigh Barry, Hayley Coates, Laura Evans McKendry, David Farram, Jonathan Green, Charles Hart, Stacey Hunter, Beryl Krake (Legal Executive), Kim Lamb, Blair McNamara, Kristine Medson, Diana Mercuri, Fiona Merrylees, Georgina Morrissey, Robert Oldfield, Simon Pogue, Greg Prosser, Davina Pugliese, Stephen Rodgers, Danny Ryan, Suzanna Sheed, Luke Slater

Christian Alexander, Clare Brennan, Sian Briggs. Amy Cochrane, Aaron Day, Marina Habashi, Amy Hando, Rowena Harding, Robert Houston, Alison Ingle, Jess James-Murphy, Kimberley Parker, Nicole Smith, Carly Burgess, Natalie Keogh, Naomi Nagle, Kristen Nicolls, Tessa Pham, Natalie Purcell, David Sutton, Sheree Thomson, Saul Wakerman

Bev Garlic, Heather Osland, Joan Hall, Kristi Solomon, Irene Lia-Oster, Dorothy Spratling Tenant Advocacy and Support provides
Face-to-face advice via offices in Bendigo and Mildura, and
Face-to-face outreach advice to Robinvale, Echuca, Kerang, Kyabram, Swan Hill, Castlemaine, Maryborough and Kyneton Seniors Rights Victoria, Council on the Ageing, Council to Homeless Persons, Public Interest Law Clearing House, La Trobe University Law and Social Work faculties, Law Institute of Victoria, Department of Human Services, Office of Housing, Department of Justice, Victoria Legal Aid, Consumer Affairs Victoria, Victoria Law Foundation, Clayton Utz Foundation, Reichstein Foundation, Federation of Community Legal Centres Victoria, National Association of Community Legal Centres, Loddon Mallee Accommodation Network, Bendigo Regional Institute of Technology, Bendigo and district legal community, Victorian Public Tenants Association, Legal Services Board, CentaCare, Uniting Care: CuttingEdge. In 2011/12 Tenant Advocacy and Support assisted 721 Social Housing Advocacy and Support Program tenants.

It assisted a further 158 Tenant Advocacy and Advice program clients. Our full 2011-12 annual report (including financials) is available for download as a pdf at www.advocacyandrights.org.au Our Team Loddon Campaspe CLC depends on its partners, pro bono support and many dedicated volunteers. Loddon Campaspe CLC's Partners Loddon Campaspe CLC's pro bono support Loddon Campaspe CLC's volunteers ARC thanks the following oganisations 4 respect freedom equality dignity Julie U'ren
Tenant Advocacy and Support
Team Leader ARC's Chairperson
John McPherson Loddon Campaspe CLC provides
Telephone and face-to-face advice in Bendigo
Face-to-face outreach to Echuca, Maryborough and Kyneton
A Family Violence Service at local courts
Immigration advice
Community Legal Education
A Clinical Education Program for law students
An Older Persons’ Legal Assistance program
Special projects, eg Missing Persons project and Bulk Debt Negotiation Scheme Peter Noble
Loddon Campaspe Community Legal Centre
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