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My prezified resume;)

Patrycja Piechowiak

on 3 June 2013

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Transcript of Presume!

Ambassador candidate's presume Who am I? Contact info patrycja.piechowiak@gmail.com pati_pe90 by Patrycja Piechowiak Where do I live? I'm a 22-year-old student who would to become
a Prezi Ambassador at my university! Poland Studies
I study finance and accounting,
specialization: insurance
(1st year of MA) at Poznan University of Economics Check out here: http://www.ue.poznan.pl/study/ Campus activities volunteer in Children's University of Economics program
member of Students Research Group
of Insurance Leadership roles Local coordinator of the Employer of the Year 2012 survey Project manager of Enter Your Future project Coordinator of Information Technology area (September 2012- December 2012) (February 2012-May 2012) (June 2012-May 2013) I took all the positions mentioned above while
being a member of students' worldwide organisation- AIESEC
summer internships in the insurance companies:
Warta Work experience Why would I make the best ambassador? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ...enjoy challenges ...want to gain new experience ...aim at making every student at my university know what Prezi is ...want to encourage people to present their ideas in a new, inspiring way ...love using Prezi for my presentations! because I... Prezi value Learning from mistakes From all the Prezi values this one seems to be the most important for me. I believe when people are not afraid of making mistakes, they're not afraid of changing their lives and the world around them. This value enables to take risks and enjoy brand new opportunities appearing on our way. First three steps At first (if it is allowed!) I would build a Polish Prezi fanpage, cause I think the power of this social medium is amazing and it's the easiest way to keep in contact with people.

Secondly, I would make some kind of meeting(s) where the idea of using Prezi wuold be presented.

My third idea is to organise a contest where people should make a Prezi about a certain topic/ with the certain rules. The prize could be upgraded account on Prezi or some Prezi gadgets, we will see...;) Get in touch
with me!
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