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To Kill A Mocking Bird

No description

Amber Cooper

on 28 May 2013

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Transcript of To Kill A Mocking Bird

To Kill A Mocking Bird Calpurnia Boo
Radley Charles Baker
Harris "Dill" Miss
Caroline Bob
Ewell Mrs.
Dubose "No more than twenty-one. She had bright auburn hair, pink cheeks, and wore crimson fingernail polish. She looked and smelled like a peppermint drop." (Lee 21). "Meanest old woman alive." (Lee 46). Compulsive Liar Town's gossip, told
Jem a rumored story
about Boo Radley. "Scout" Stephanie
Crawford The Immediate Family Jeremy
Atticus Finch Miss. Maudie
Atkinson Mocking Bird Aunt
Alexandra Jack
Finch "A neighborhood scold" (Lee 13). Finch's
Landing "All angles and bones; she was nearsighted;
she squinted; her hand was wide as a bed slat and twice as hard." (Lee 6-7). "Same in his house as he
is on public streets." (Lee, 61) "A true hero."(Lee 7) "She was a widow, a chameleon lady who
worked in her flower beds in an old straw hat
and mens coveralls." (Lee 56). Overcoming Obstacles
/Perseverance Nathan
Radley "The only difference between
him and his father was their ages." (Lee 15). Cameilla Maycomb, Alabama You never really understand
a person until you consider
things from his point of view. African American care giver Tom
Robinson Mayella
Ewell Court House The Finchs Atticus
Finch "Dill was a curiosity." (Lee 9). "His cheeks were thin to hollowness; his mouth was wide; there were shallow, almost delicate indentations at his temples,and his gray eyes were so colorless I thought he was blind. His hair was dead and thin, almost feathery on top of his head." (Lee 362). "Atticus ain't ever whipped me since I can remember. I wanta keep it that way." (Lee 75). "Atticus so rarely asks Jem and me to do something for him, I could take being called a coward for him." (Lee 102). Father Siblings "Boo was our Neighbor." (Lee 373). "He had asked me earlier in the summer to marry him, then he promptly forgot about it." (Lee 55). Jean
Louise Main character, Narrator Siblings "Atticus's sister, but when Jem told me about changelings and siblings, I decided that she had been swapped at birth." (Lee 103). Siblings "Mockingbirds don't do one thing but...sing their hearts out for us." "He seemed to be a respectable Negro, and a respectable Negro would never go up into somebody's yard of his own violation." (Lee 257). Father and Daughter Dolphus
Raymond "He likes 'em better'n he likes us, I reckon Lives by himself way down near the county line. He's got a colored woman and all sorts of mixed chillun." (Lee 214). "Atticus always took her side." (Lee 7). "She had been with us ever since Jem was born, and I had felt her tyrannical presence for as long as I could remember." (Lee 7). "'Look here' With the click of her tongue she thrust out her bridgework, a gesture of cordiality that cemented our friendship." (Lee 57). 2nd Grade Teacher "She loved everything that grew in God's earth, even the weeds." (Lee 56). "A little bantam cock of a man." (Lee 227). "Seemed somehow fragile-looking." (Lee 239). Innocents who have been injured or destroyed through contact with evil. The Coexistence of Good and Evil The Importance of Moral Education
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