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Copy of Book Report-(Call me Hope)

No description

mj villareal

on 2 November 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Book Report-(Call me Hope)

Call me Hope

Gretchen Olson
By: Paige Koll
Main Characters
Hope is a little girl who is verbally abused by her mother.
Hope seems very sweet and caring, but doesn`t know what to do.
Hope dresses very poorly until a little later when she goes to thrift stores and buys nicer clothes.

Hope`s Mom
Hope`s mom is very caring deep inside, but
doesn`t show it, and verbally abuses her
daughter. She dresses and looks very scruffy.
Tyler is Hope`s brother who seems very well rounded
for what is going on in his house. He is very caring about her sister and his mother. He wishes for his sister to go to
Outdoor School and tries to help her out.
Hope Elliot is an 11 year old girl who has a lot to hope for.
she hopes that her verbally abusive mother will stop calling her stupid or dumb. She also would love to go to Outdoor School, but her mom won`t let her. Hope is very independant as a result of the neglect. She uses all her energy from the abuse and puts it into her school work were she makes and impact on the school, especially during an Anne Frank project were Hope cuts all her hair off, and dresses in stripped clothes and wears a star around. She begins to create a point system which helps her, and makes her feel better about the abuse. She makes new friends and starts seeing a couselor.
* During this story several
places are used.
* The consignment shope is a
place Hope started to spend a
lot of time in order to get away.
*Hope`s house- Hope did not enjoy
here and while at home was upset
unlike while at school and the
consignment shop.
* School
Hope loved school and most of the
yime while at school Hope was happy.
Main Problem
Hope`s mother was verbally abusive, and this,
was a big problem. Hope was happy most of
the time exept at home/with her mom. This
went on for a while until Hope took control.
Hope created a point system where
she would give herself points every
time her mom called her a bad name.
She would go to her secret hideaway
(her closet) and give herself little awards.
She eventually went and saw the school
counselor who helped her workout her
The theme in this book is...
How to get through life- the good, the bad, and the ugly
New ending.....
Hope`s counselor decides the lifestyle is not
suitable for Tyler and Hope. She sets up a
hearing. Tyler and Hope get taken away, and
become fostered for several months. Hope and
Tyler later become adopted by a former teacher
f the 2 children. They continue school and
Final Thoughts...
I would highly recomend this book to others.
In this book you will always want to keep
reading and know what Hope decides to do next,
how she will stand up against her mom.
ThE eNd.....
ThAnKs FoR wAtChInG :)
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