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Global Issue Prezi

This Prezi will hopefully let you know more about the causes of global issues.

Eugenia Lin

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of Global Issue Prezi

GMO Sentence:
GMOs are dangerous to all living creatures, because nobody knows what effects they have. Corporation Sentence:
The owner of this corporation has built lots of factories all over the world. Global Issues Eugenia Lin Population Sentence:
The population of the world is increasing minute by minute. Corruption Sentence:
Lots of presidents or politicians corrupt their countries' money. Inflation Sentence:
Things get more valuable when there is inflation, except for money. noun noun noun noun noun Definition:
A company that is legally recognized all over the world. Definition:
the total number of people living in a certain place Definition:
Guilty of dishonesty or bribery. Definition:
When the value of money goes down, or when prices of goods go up. Definition:
Genetically modified organisms.
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