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La Quinta High School's College Planning Night 2014-2015

La Quinta High School, Westmintser, CA

Huy Tran

on 25 August 2015

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Transcript of La Quinta High School's College Planning Night 2014-2015

(GPA x 800) + SAT Reading + SAT Math

Required Entrance Exam:
None required

Degrees Offered:
Associate’s degrees and vocational certificates

$36 per unit
Planning Night 2014-2015

How to Pay for College
Why College?
How to Get
to College

College Fair
Take university required courses
(‘A-G’ requirements)
Pass ‘A-G’ courses with a
“C” or better
Register for admission tests (SAT and ACT)
California State University (CSU)
23 Campuses
University of California (UC)
9 Campuses
Application Process
Apply Oct.1- Nov.30

Undergraduate Admission
Fall 2015
Social Security Number
Date of CA Residence
Household Income
Fees & Tuition 2014
$6,196 per year
CSU Degrees Offered
Bachelor’s, Master’s, limited Doctoral degrees
UC Degrees Offered
Bachelor’s, Master’s, Doctoral degrees
Fees & Tuition 2014
Application Process
Apply Nov.1- Nov.30

Undergraduate Admission
Fall 2015
Social Security Number
Date of CA Residence
Household Income
Top 33% of CA’s H.S. graduates
Top 12.5% of CA’s H.S. graduates
Independent (Private) Colleges & Universities
& Out of State Colleges
Application Process
Fees & Tuition 2014
Degrees Offered
Associate, Bachelor’s, Master’s,
Doctoral degrees, & Professional degrees
Deadlines vary
Some campuses require:
letters of recommendation
Most applications are available at:
112 Campuses
Financial Aid
Sources of Financial Aid
“Needs Analysis”
Cost of Attendance - Family Contribution = Student’s Financial Need
FAFSA on the Web
FAFSA application begins January 1.
FAFSA application deadline is March 2.
FAFSA Application Documents
Social Security Number
Driver’s License
Records of Earnings (Tax Forms – 1040)
Bank Statements (W2)
Permanent Resident Card (if not a US citizen)
Name and birth date on FAFSA must match the student’s Social Security card and/or permanent resident card.
Various Applications
New California Law: Undocumented students qualified for this program are now eligible to pay in-state tuition fees at California’s colleges and universities.
AB 540
Requirements for AB 540
enrolled at an accredited public institution of higher education in California
Sign a statement with the college or university (Not with INS) stating that you will apply for legal residency with the
INS as soon as you are able to do so.
The information that a student shares with a
college or university is protected by federal law.
Monday, Oct. 13th - 6:30PM @ Bolsa Grande High School
Cal Grant GPA Release Form
La Quinta submits Cal Grant GPA
verification form
La Quinta's
Send your scores directly to colleges
SAT December 6 - Register by November 6
ACT December 13 - Register by November 7
Last Test Dates
for Seniors
Application Fee: $55
Application Fee: $70
Dream Act
Allows students who meet AB 540 criteria to apply for and receive state-funded financial aid
UCR Enrollment Ave.
3.77 GPA / 1739 SAT
LQ's UCR Enrollment Ave.:
3.47 GPA Average
1722 SAT Average
3.1 - 3.93 GPA Range
1220 - 2190 SAT Range

UCI Enrollment Ave.: 4.05 GPA / 1867 SAT
LQ's UCI Enrollment Ave.:
3.91 GPA Average
1854 SAT Average
3.31 - 4.24 GPA Range
1510 - 2210 SAT Range

LQ's UCLA Enrollment Ave.:
4.35 GPA Average
1968 SAT Average
4.23 - 4.43 GPA Range
1700-2180 SAT Range

UCLA Enrollment Ave.: 4.17 GPA / 2067 SAT
Sample UC Riverside Financial Aid Award Package for a LQ Student
Living on Campus
Sample CSU Fullerton Financial Aid Award Package for a La Quinta Student Living With Parents
Free money = $11, 117.00
Tuition/Fees to attend CSUF = $6,188.00
Free money per year = $11, 117.00
Tuition/fees to attend CSUF per year = $6,188.00
Money left over to spend per year = $4,929.00
Mandatory costs = $27,576
Free money =
Free money = $24,811
Work study = $1,900

Total aid = $26,711
Mandatory costs = $27,576
Total aid = $26,711

My net cost = $865
(no loans)
Subtract variable items
Work Study =
Subtract the loans offered
This is only an estimate...
Highest possible score = 2400

Critical Reading = 800
Mathematics = 800
Writing = 800 (CSU Not Required)
Composite Score 1-36

Writing (CSU Not Required)

Local Area Eligibility Index
SAT = 3350 | ACT = 804

CSU Fullerton
(GPA x 200) + (10 x ACT Composite Score)

Scores are due electronically from
the SAT and ACT to colleges in January.
CSU Eligibility Index
Non-impacted CSU Campuses

Eligibility Index
SAT = 2900 | ACT = 694

Application Process
Apply March - June

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