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Jay Gatsby vs James Gatz

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Nikki Onwuchekwa

on 15 November 2013

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Transcript of Jay Gatsby vs James Gatz

Jay Gatsby vs James Gatz
The desires and qualities of Gatsby are always the same, but the motivation for his accoplishment of them differs as he goes from being James Gatz to being Jay Gatsby.
GatZby is Searching for Something
Gatz: Lost & Found
Continued...Gatsby:Lost & Found
James Gatz was in a way lost; he didn't feel like he fit the setting that he was in, and was always looking for something to fill the void he felt. Gatz's first encounter with Dan Cody showed him want it was he was searching for, because "to young Gatz...[Dan Cody's] yacht represented all the beauty and glamour in the world"
For years Jay Gatsby had been searching for his lost love. There was a "colossal significance" of the light at Daisy's house across the bay, because though she was so close, she was still always untouchable; however, now that he'd found her, the light on the dock was "again a green light on a dock" (Fitzgerald 93).
Gatz Continued...
(Fitzgerald 100). By meeting Dan Cody, and seeing the life that he lived, Gatz realized what it was that he'd been searching for his entire life. He felt like this lifestyle of money and extravegance is what would make him feel whole.
GatZby is Always Ambitious
James Gatz was never content with his position in life. "His parents were shiftless and unsuccessful farm people" and because of his imagination he'd "never really accepted them as his parents at all" (Fitzgerald 98). He knew there was more to life than his everyday living, and he wanted to experience it all.
James Gatz and Jay Gatsby always want the same thing - and that's everything. Whatever "everything" was to him at the time is what drove him. As Gatz, everthing meant wealth and prestige; as Gatsby, everthing meant Daisy, but there was always some sort of obstacle that he felt he need to get over to have "it all."
GatZby is always searching for something, because he never feels whole; he's always ambitious, because he is never content with what he has; he's always unstable, because his life never belongs to him. His traits and wants remain the same throughout his different persons, but the catalyst differs between the two.
Work Cited
Fitzgerald, F. Scott. The Great Gatsby. New York: Scribner, 1925. Print.
Continued...Gatsby: Think BIG
Jay Gatsby was a visionary; he was always able to see the bigger scheme of things. "He had a big future before him...If he'd of lived...[he would've] helped build up the country" (Fitzgerald 168). Gatsby's constant need for something to fill his "void" aids in his ambition, because it drove him to want success and prosperity.
GatZby is Unstable
Gatz Continued...
Gatz: Life on the Rocks
him unable to provide for Daisy, but it also allowed him to have free range to dream as much as he'd like, and accomplish as much as he could.
James Gatz "had no comfortable family standing behind him, and [because he was a soldier] he was liable at the whim of an impersonal government to be blown anywhere about the world" (Fitzgerald 149). Gatz had no financial or occupational stability - his life was kind of up in the air. This instability made
Continued...Gatsby: Life on the Rocks
The last 5years of Jay Gatsby entire life was centered around Daisy's existance. To Gatsby "[Daisy's] actual and astounding presence [made nothing seem] any longer real" (Fitzgerald 91). This fact alone shows Gatsby's instablity, because everything he did was dictated by what he thought Daisy would approve of.
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