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Prep Time

No description

Doug McLean

on 10 October 2013

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Transcript of Prep Time

Prep Time
Breakout Session Goals

How can we help you effectively determine the correct areas of focus to ensure the best delivery possible?

How do you bring your voice to the content, maintain the original area of focus, and still follow the legal requirements for training?

How can you maximize your available prep time to ensure a positive experience for participants and your trainer observations?

How can we maintain our stamina when delivering demanding content or trainings over an extended period of time?

Tips for Successful Prepping
1. Materials: Typically be provided via SharePoint or the Lead Trainer
2. Logistics: Pre-Cert Calls, Prework due dates
3. Scheduling:
a. Dates/Times/Hotel Info/Travel Expectations etc. provided by the Lead Trainer
b. District Communication for backup: Out of Office
c. You are responsible for booking all airfare/car rentals/hotel
4. Attending

Certification vs. Train-the-Trainer…
strategies for successful prepping for each
T3 - Train the Trainer
1. What are the differences between a Lead/Co-pilot role
2. Materials: Typically be provided in SharePoint or by the Lead
3. Logistics: Pre-Cert Calls, Prework due dates
4. Scheduling:
a. Dates/Times/Hotel Info/Travel Expectations etc. provided
b. District Communication for backup: Out of Office
c. You are responsible for booking all airfare/car rentals/hotel
5. Attending

Material Prep
How to make the material work for you.
i. Finding materials in the Training Library: ensure you have accurate and up to date materials
ii. Using PDF Expert to prepare your LG
1. Text: quick reference to an important detail (eg. Slide number if missing from LG, animation call out in ppt, quick add-on to the content)
2. Markups: Areas/content to skip or pay extra attention to (eg. Crossing out our circling to ensure it’s more visible)
3. Color Coding/Highlights: Used to delineate specific trainer actions/roles (eg. Green = Activities, Yellow = Debrief, Pink = Ask, Blue = Explain, etc.)
4. Notes: Used to interject additional or lengthy add-on content (eg. Replacing stories with our own relevant/personal stories)

Dry Run Practice
1. Scheduling/Coordinating: Calendar invites
2. Preparing: Follow previous steps for materials & do a dry run practice prior to group meeting (mirror recommended)
3. Read through your notes/changes as a group
4. Delivering: Follow the T3 format and focus on areas of opportunity based on solo dry run
5. Feedback: doesn’t need to follow observation form or POS format

Activity One
1. Find the Leaders Guide in the Training Library for Effective Communication for Leaders - Retail
2. Find and fill out the room reservation tool using the Sand Canyon Room Reservation tool
Bringing Your Voice to the Material

Does it hit the same key point… NOT points?
Is it accessible and relevant to your target audience?
Is your delivery engaging and entertaining (Dry Run & Find Your Voice)?
Does it get consistent reactions and understanding from the audience?
Are your debrief/follow-up questions consistent & effective to highlight your key point?

Make it come to life...
Making it Yours...
Determine the Purpose
Making It Effective and Relevant
Read through the content to get grounded
Determine the original purpose
Ask a Lead/Master/Senior Trainer or peers
Timing & Delivery
Guidelines for Delivery & Ensuring You Hit Timing
1. Run your changes by your peers
2. Refine your delivery and ensure it is engaging
3. Decreasing time is okay... Increasing time is not okay
Purpose... Voice... Timing...
Activity Two
1. Read through the content from your notes guide
2. Table groups come up with your own introduction
3. Pick a presenter... deliver to table to your right
4. Entire table team will provide feedback
5. Rotate to the next table... wash... rinse... repeat...
Keeping it Legal
Ensuring you stay consistent, accurate, and legal
Confidential Information about the company: Overviews, Pre-Launch Device Information, Non-public pricing, Network Infrastructure, Launch and Upgrade Dates for Products and Services
Copyright Infringement Penalities
(Penalty of actual damages and loss of profit to the copyright holder of up to
$20,000 per incident & Statutory penalties of up to $100,000)
Copyright ownership initially belongs to the author of the work, or, in the case of a work-for-hire, those who are paying for the work to be done. Copyright ownership grants a limited monopoly to all of the rights reserved under copyright law.

Licenses and notices associated with copyrighted material generally stipulate how the user may use the work. In some instances, licenses may grant uses that are generally reserved for the copyright owner. In other instances, they warn about the potential consequences of misuse.

Activity Three
Determine if the following scenarios are "legal" or "illegal" and be prepared to explain why...
A trainer is asked to deliver training at the next district meeting covering "Recommend" to a group of managers and representatives. One of the representatives at the meeting is waiting to attend the next session of NHT. The trainer creates a slide covering key points, including images from the original training material, and a positioning statement.
While preparing for a teachback at a T3, a trainer finds an opportunity to create some additional content they feel will better illustrate the concepts they will deliver. They pull pictures from VZW QRGs, add statistics from the U.S. Census Bureau, and create a document using PowerPoint.
Better safe than sorry...
If it's not from HQ or a Master/Lead ASK before delivering anything.
Senior Trainer Commitment
We are fully committed to your success when preparing for any training, certification, or T3
Dry Runs will ensure your successful delivery of your teachback or training
The Senior Trainer team will follow up with every Trainer to ensure a Senior will be in attendance for each and every Dry Run Session
Stamina Brainstorm
What can you do to maintain your training stamina when faced with intense or prolonged training...
Miguel "Chupacabra" Ortiz:
"I make arrangements with my friends and family so they can understand and help provide support with all the things outside of the office. I want to be able to know I'm covered instead of being stressed out and trying to do more things than I'm capable of doing."
Doug "Positive Outlook" McLean
"Send a calendar invite for an observation to a Senior Trainer or a Supervisor when you get towards the second or third week of training. You bring your 'A-Game" when have someone observe you. This can reenergize and refocus during a long delivery."
What do you do to maintain?
Behind every GREAT Trainer...
There's an AWESOME Teacher.
Survey Monkey.
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