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Financial Planning

Reach the Goal through Financial Planning

Dori Al Qadri

on 13 June 2013

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Transcript of Financial Planning

Reach the Goal
through Financial Planning
Melamun = Uang?
Susah tidur = Uang?
Latar Belakang
Penelitian Harvard Business School "The likelihood of unschooled and financially illiterate household heads opening a bank savings account as a result of financial literacy training is 12% and 5% respectively" - Cole, Shawn, Thomas, Sampson dan Bilal Zia. "Financial Literacy: Evidence from Indonesia".
Indonesia menduduki peringkat ekonomi ke-15 dunia, faktanya 65% tenaga kerja adalah lulusan SLTP -World Bank
Definisi & Tujuan
Financial planning is a systematic approach to maximize existing financial resources by utilizing financial tools to achieve financial goals

Financial Health: Rasio Biaya Hidup / Pendapatan, Rasio Cicilan, Rasio Dana Darurat
Financial Freedom: Hasil investasi mencukupi kebutuhan & lifestyle yang diinginkan
3 Komponen Perencanaan Keuangan Anda:
Financial Resources (FR)
Financial Tools (FT)
Financial Goals (FG)
In other words, financial planning is the process of meeting your life goals through proper management of your finances

oleh: Dori Al Qadri
Proses Perencanaan Keuangan

Insert Gambar Proses
Insert Financial Check Up Picture
Langkah 1

Hitunglah kekayaan bersih Anda
(Total Aset – Hutang)
Langkah 2

Buatlah arus kas bulanan
(Seluruh Penghasilan & Pengeluaran)
Langkah 3

Buatlah arus kas tahunan (Seluruh Penghasilan yang bersifat Tahunan & Pengeluaran yang bersifat Tahunan)

Langkah 4

Hitunglah Rasio Kesehatan Keuangan Anda, antara lain:
1. Liquidity Ratio: minimal 4 x
2. Saving Rate: minimal 10%
3. Debt Ratio: maksimal 30%

Please Insert PPT
Insert Picture
Dana Darurat
Insert Picture 6
Insert Picture 7
Insert Picture 8
Dana Pendidikan
Insert Picture 9
Mari Berhitung
Insert Pics 10
Insert Pics 11
Insert Pics 12
Dana Pensiun
Insert Pics 12
Mari Berhitung
Insert Pics 13
Hasil Perhitungan
Insert Pics 14
Dana Proteksi
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