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A Plant Cell Compared to a city

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Gabriel Sinay

on 15 December 2014

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Transcript of A Plant Cell Compared to a city

A Plant Cell Compared to a city
Cell Membrane
A cell membrane is like the airport because the airport controls the entry and the leaving of the people like the cell membrane controls what enters and leaves the cell
A Nucleus is like the government because the government controls what happens inside the city as the Nucleus controls what happens insi
Cell Wall
The cell wall is like the city its self because the city supports its citizens like the cell wall supports the plant so it can live
A chloroplast is like a solar panel because the solar panel traps sun rays and make it into energy like the chloroplast traps sun rays and make it in glucose
A vacuole is like a supermarket because the supermarket has stored food for the people that need it, it also has trashcans for waste. Just like the vacuole stores food water and waste products
Endoplasmic reticulum
A endoplasmic reticulum is like a truck because the trucks carry food through out the city like the endoplasmic reticulum carries materials from one place of the cell to another
Mitochondria is like a hydroelectric plant because the hydroelectric plant makes energy for the whole city like the mitochondria makes the energy for the plant cell
Golgi Body
A Golgi Body is like a post office because the post office carries stuff through out the city like the golgi body distributes the proteins in the cell
A cytoplasm is like the citizens because the citizens fill the citys space like the cytoplasm fills in the cell with liquids
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