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Nail Structure and Growth

Upcon completion of this unit , the student will have a basic understanding of the nail structure,growth, it's diseases and disorders. This will allow for a proper analysis prior to learning the set up and procedures for a manicure and pedicure.

Jennifer Wacenske

on 10 December 2012

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Transcript of Nail Structure and Growth

Preparing for a Difficult Unit............ THE NEW SCHOOL WAY Nail Structure and Growth is a challenging unit due to a lot of scientific vocabulary and concepts. How can we overcome this challenge? To begin using KWL strategy to introduce the unit is helpful. This will allow for individual thinking as well as class discussion.
Find out what they want to know again, on an individual level as well as a class discussion.
Hand out a theory packet for them to complete so that they are becoming familiar with the unit and the terms within the unit. Review of homework and introduction to cooperative learning group projects. Group 1 Defining nail structure
Group 2 Health, shape, and description of nail
Group 3 Nail Disorders
Group 4 Nail Fungus and prevention
Group 5 Nail Diseases

You will break yourselves into 5 groups (as even a number in each group as possible). You will be assigned information to investigate and share it with the class as we take notes. How you present your findings is up to you. You may do a power point, poster, hand made game, make a puzzle or a little of each, please do not limit your ideas. You will have a computer, text book, PowerPoint handout, markers, scissors, papers and each member of your group for resources. Use your time wisely and efficiently so you can obtain the most information possible. And as always.....HAVE FUN! A video example of how the group projects can work with the class. Other visuals and games that took place; Jeopardy, word search, matching, story telling and posters were made to present. Although, as an instructor, you must have control in the classroom it does not mean that you must control the student. You may guide the student but let them do their thinking on their own. They may have an idea or concept that you haven't thought of. Different ways of teaching may help all different level of learners. An example how a review of give and get can be used in the classroom. Visuals are always a great addition to the classroom. A review sheet would be given followed by a matching quiz at the end of this unit.

Now that we are rehearsed on the diseases, disorders, fungus and growth of the nail we are better prepared to recognize any deficiencies with the nail and will be able to ensure the safety of your client as well as yourself. You are now able to lead into the next chapter, Manicures and Pedicures. Bones of Hand and Arm

Bones of hand and arm

Nail Structure


Nail Diseases and Disorders




Nail Fungus


All groups could use


http://www.puzzlefast.com/ Possible resources to use:
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