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Conflict In Literature

No description

Adam Huttenga

on 30 September 2013

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Transcript of Conflict In Literature

Conflict In Literature
Man vs. Man
Man vs. Nature
Man vs. Society
Man vs. Self
A conflict is a struggle between opposing forces or characters.
Conflict adds interest to a story; it makes us wonder who (or what) will "win".
Can I have the last donut?
No way! I want that
donut, dog!
-Plot is created around conflict.
1. Introduced in "rising action".
2. Faced head-on during "climax".
3. Begins to work itself out in "falling action".
4. Resolved during the "resolution"
-When a character struggles with another character.
-Protagonist vs. Antagonist
-"Good guy" vs. "Bad guy"

-What examples can you think of?
Feel my wrath,
-A character struggles with a force of nature (natural disaster, desolation, an animal, etc.)

-Can you think of any examples?
- A character or group of
characters fight against the
society in which they live.
-The character(s) fight against
social traditions or rules
(fight for freedom, rights,
or a cause.
-Society becomes a "character" of its own.
-Usually used to comment on a positive or negative aspect of real society.
You know what the worst
part about District 12 is?
Yeah. There are no
Redbox machines.
Can you think of other examples?
Hey, bro. You should
'totes plagiarize your
NHD paper. #YOLO!
Forget it, bro. Do the right
thing: cite your sources
correctly and consult your
favorite librarian.
-The character's struggle takes place within
his/her own mind.
-Usually has something to do with a choice
(right vs. wrong) or overcoming emotions
or mixed feelings.

-Can you think of other examples?
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