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Warm Up

No description

Elizabeth Brathwaite

on 21 February 2018

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Transcript of Warm Up

Warm Up
Think back to possessive adjectives. What usually comes right after the adjective?
That's right, the noun!
Let's now talk about demonstrative, interrogative, and indefinite adjectives.
Interrogatives are used to ask questions about the noun(s). They are limited to which, whose, and what.
Demonstratives are used to describe specific noun(s).
Try it!
Plug in an appropriate interrogative, demonstrative, or indefinite adjective
Complete activities 1 and 2 on pgs. 20 and 21.
List the demonstrative, interrogative, and six indefinite pronouns that you learned when we studied pronouns.
Indefinite describe an unknown number of a noun or nouns.
Several dogs ran through the park.
Whose lunch is this?
This movie is awful!
.....shoe over there is yours.

.....shirt is a small?

....people like swimming. (indefinite)

....boy on the team got a trophy at the end of football season (indefinite)

...cookies here in the box are gross!

...work is this?

.....animals live in caves.

.....girls finished their homework before dinner. (indefinite)

...time do you want me to come over?

- indefinite, demonstrative, and interrogative adjectives ws
-ch 12 vocab due Friday
-Quiz on descriptive adjectives and demonstrative, interrogative, and indefinite adjectives on Friday, 2/23
-Students on Strike ch 10-17 due 3/1
-Analysis questions for "The Noble Experiment"
Interrogative, demonstrative, and indefinite adjectives are ALWAYS followed by a noun.

Now, let's discuss Students on Strike.
Next we are talking about "The Noble Experiment"
Your task now is to pretend you are on the strike committee.
You are creating a flyer and speech that persuades other students in your area of Prince Edward County to join the strike.
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