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and how it has taken over the advertising industry

Carolyn Maynard

on 30 January 2013

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Transcript of CREATIVITY

C R E A T I V I T Y Novel Fresh Novel
Unexpected OkGo collaborated with Chevy Sonic for 2012 Superbowl commercial. William Bernbach Founder of advertising firm Doyle Dane Bernbach BIG The Idea draws in an audience by sending a relevant message using an original idea. It is the focus of an entire advertisement. No matter the advertisement, it must first attract attention by
being one of a kind while still meaning something to a target
audience and also leave an impression once it is over. Creative Brief 1.) creative strategy: what is being said. 2.) creative execution: deciding how it's being said. example: Hoover vacuums have strong stuction example: the creative leap Creative Techniques free association- creates juxtaposition between the unrelated

divergent thinking- explorative thinking versus linear. .

right-brain thinking- thinking intuitively, nonverbally, emotionally. Copycat Advertising 1982 2009 Pros Cons in charge of entertaining society.


delivering messages showing people what they want creative, original ideas don't come on demand


can only be as eclectic as your audience Leo Burnett created the "Mayhem" Allstate commercials and won a gold Effie award for them. Volkswagen 2011 Superbowl commercial This commercial was only aired once and has since then won multiple awards.
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