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STEM - It's Elementary

Motivational Presentation of a science, Technology, Engineering, and mathematics careers

Aleah Augustine

on 11 December 2012

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Transcript of STEM - It's Elementary

Can you Find Anything STEM Related in This Video? Careers and degrees in STEM fields are among the highest-paying and fastest-growing of any occupational areas You experience the wonders of STEM every time you play a game, watch video, or ride a roller coaster. Isn’t it time to look inside and get a glimpse of what makes these things work? Special people called "Imagineers" are responsible for creating the characters you and I enjoy at Disney World. This is just one real-world application of STEM, can you think name another example? Science - Study of how and why things happen.

Technology - information on anything that man makes for his benefit out of resources available, in order to make tasks simpler to perform.

Engineering - Hands-on, involves creating new technologies to solve problems.

Mathematics - requires an understanding of the logic and rules used to solve numerical problems. How Do I Know STEM if is For Me? STEM Fields Value People Who Are.. Interested in being creative and being outside of the box.
Interested in organizing , processing, and record keeping.
Interested in helping society and individuals.
Interested in leading, persuading, and selling. So, What is in it for You? Earn Good Pay
Earn Respect
Learn New Things Everday
Create New Technologies
Be Valuable to Society
Meet Great People
How Much Money Can I Make? Some Average Salaries Engineers - $52,000 - $83,000
Software Engineers - $85,000
Food Critic - $42, 000
Chemists - $66,000
Medical Scientists - $73,000
Geoscientists - $79,000
Counselor - $44,000
Enviromental Scientists - $60,000
Biochemist/Bipphysicist - $83,000
Public Relation Specialist - $52,000 Here's An Example ! What Exactly is STEM? Are You Curious about the World Around you and How Things Work? STEM is the answer you've been looking for! STEM is everywhere. From your MP3 Players to your cell phones, from the cars on the road and even the highways that are driven on, everything has been touched and shaped by STEM.
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