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Posittron emmison tomography is: a medical procedure that can be used to study how a patient's body is functioning.

melissa true

on 2 May 2010

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Transcript of PET

a pet scan is a medical procedure that can be used to study how a patients body is functioning. this is an example of a pet scan
pet stands for: Positron Emission Tomography. When a patient recives a pet scan they have to be injected with a radioactive tracer that is attached to a natural body compound. such as : gluecose. After at least 30 minuets the patient would be taken to the scanner. you must lie very still. so it can record the right information from your scan. pet scans can be used to diagnose a health condition. this is what the scanner looks like. when a disease strikes getting a pet scan,will show a digital picture. Also how fast the disease grows. example: cancer. It takes at least an hour,to get your results. you should drink
as much water as possible before the scan Being scaned This is what your results/digital picture would look like. Then you would know, weather your body was functioning right or wrong. An if wrong you would know why? Or what is causing it. The End When you get your results you would know weather your body was fuctioning right or wrong. An if wrong then why? Or what is causing it.
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