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Which Type Of Wood Burns The Fastest?

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Mercedes Gilbert

on 23 October 2012

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Transcript of Which Type Of Wood Burns The Fastest?

Which Type Of Wood Burns The Fastest? Hypothesis My hypothesis of this experiment is that cedar would burn the fastest because it is lighter and doesn't have a lot of moisture. Variables Independent Variable: Which Wood Burns The Fastest
Dependent Variable: Different Types Of Wood
Constant: Size Of The Wood Controls 1. The position of the blocks. We moved every block
around except the maple and the maple had the most consistent times between trial 1 and trial 2.

2. The second set of blocks burnt faster because the wood burnt down into hot coals therefore making the the wood burn faster the 2nd trial Materials and Equipment 1. 8 blocks of wood, 2 blocks of each
(Maple, Red Oak, Cedar, Pine)
All 2 1/2 in. by 3 in.
2. A small fire
3. Camera
4. A phone for timing how long the wood
burnt Procedure 1. I put 1 block of each kind into the fire, then started the stopwatch
2. I checked to make sure the wood wasn't turning into coal at 3 minutes
3. Then I let them burn longer, but checked them at 7 minutes
4. Checked the times that they turned into coal and wrote the times down
5. Concluded Data and Trials Conclusions My hypothesis was correct in the first trial, but not the second. The thing that went wrong in my experiment was the fire was hotter the second time because it was burning longer, which caused the wood to burn faster the 2nd trial Life Applications If you were sitting around a fire late at night and wanted to go to bed soon, but was staying up a little longer; you could burn the type of wood that burns the fastest. That way the fire won't be burning after you go to bed. Pictures Trial 1 Trial 2
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