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Dog Shop

No description

Matthew Lowe

on 18 June 2014

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Transcript of Dog Shop

Dog Shop
My project for Unit 2 was to create a business of our choosing using $10,000 in funds. I chose to start a business selling puppies, selling both purebreds and mutts.
For this project, I researched the costs of buying dogs, the cost of (cheap) puppy food, and the cost of giving each dog vaccination shots. I came up with the data that a mutt would cost $100 to buy and a purebred would cost $150, puppy food bought in bulk would cost $.75 per pound, and vaccination shots would cost $25.
Matthew Lowe
As the constraints for this project, I set them to be that the shop can only sell a maximum of 10 puppies per day, but at least two purebreds and mutts.

The graphing constraints are as follows:
x + y >= 5
x + y <= 10
x >= 2
y >= 2
y <= 8
x <= 8

The Graph
This graph represents the different amounts of money that could be made per day at the puppy business. Using the equation f(x,y)= x(400) + y(600), we know how much total money each coordinate creates.
The Work
Plugging the coordinates into the profit equation, we get these results:

2(400) + 8(600) = $5600 MAXIMUM

3(400) + 2(600) = $2400 MINIMUM

2(400) + 3(600) = $2600

8 (400) + 2 (600) = $4400
The Results
In total, after one day of selling puppies, the maximum the shop can get is $5600. Add to that the extra money that the shop still has, which is $1973, and you have $7,537 left over to buy more puppies. The food supply lasts for one month and the shots last a year.
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