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Rain Reign

No description

Kira Kopf

on 14 September 2015

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Transcript of Rain Reign

Rose Howard is a girl with a hard life. Her mother died when she was born. Her father lies to her. Rose is an only-child and her dad drinks a lot. He is harsh to her. Rose loves homonyms and that makes him crazy. She is not popular or liked at school.
One time, when her father goes outside after getting a drink, he sees a dog and takes the dog home. Rose name her Rain because she was found outside in the rain and Rain has a homonym, like her name.
After a few days, there was a big storm and Rain wasn't anywhere to be seen in the house. Rose looks everywhere in the house, but never finds her. A shelter calls her one day, and they think they have a dog just as she described. Rose and her uncle goes to the shelter and finds out so many surprises.
I think the theme of the book Rain Reign is trust and believe in yourself. I think that this is the theme because in the book, it says that Rose gets made fun of a lot or Scoffed at school. But, Rose doesn't pay attention to them. She has no friends at school either and she believes that one day, she would make friends. In the book it also says that she has been teased, shoved, and been called names before. Although, she has some hard times at school, she does her best not to get into trouble caused from another person.
Later in the story, Rose's father gets really mad at her because she wants to find the dog's real owner. But, Rose keeps believing and trusting herself that she will find the dog's owner one day.
Character Development
Rose changes in the book. She was a nobody at school in the beginning, but becomes someone who inspires people. In the book it says that one of the girls who was basically made to sit with her at lunch was interested in what Rose told her.
Rose's father didn't really change. In the book, he gets more greedy and mean. When he gets really mad, she gets more scared of him every time and at the end of the argument/fight, he says sorry to her.
The students in school became a little more friendlier and a little more kind to her when they found out that she had lost her mother from a newspaper at school.
My Favorite part of the book
My favorite part of the book was when Rose was so happy to have her own dog and that she named her dog a homonym.
My other favorite part of the book was when she made up another pair of words, she was so proud of herself. These are my favorite parts book because they are so interesting to me and it's also really cool.
I would recommend this book. The book was suspenseful, the characters were interesting, sometimes harsh or cruel, and the main setting is sad, gloomy, and rainy. Some parts made me want to cry or feel bad fro a character in the book. All in all, the book was great.

Other pictures
Rain Reign
Author: Ann M. Martin
This Presentation Created By: Kira Kopf
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