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Fashion Designer & Product Developer

No description

Cristal Hernandez

on 10 December 2014

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Transcript of Fashion Designer & Product Developer

There are many reasons to become a fashion designer and each person has their own.
I would know that I am successful as a fashion designer by the expansion of my clientele due to their interest in what I create and how they feel wearing it.
Fashion Designer
Fashion Designer
Fashion Designer
Internships in related to fashion design
Intern as a fashion assistant, pattern maker, or sketching assistant
Conceptualizes ideas for clothing
Studies trends
Plans and develops clothing line
Oversees production
Select color, fabric, design
Skills & Qualifications
Associates degree in fashion design
Bachelor's degree in fashion design, marketing or any other business related area
Working Conditions
Office environment
Self-employed designers may work at home or in smaller, more cost-effective surroundings.
Team work environment if employed by a large employer
Work long hours during the week and on weekends
May travel frequently
Able to be innovative and create new design ideas
Opportunity create a good profitable and possibly even a popular organization
Career diversity
Pay scale is unpredictable
Long work hours and overtime
Could be overwhelming due to criticism, deadlines from clients, and a variety of issues
A lot of competition
Jobs for fashion designers from 2012-2022 will decline by three percent.
Product Developer
Duties & Responsibilities
Fashion Designer
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Product Developer
Bachelor's degree in product development, marketing, merchandising or in any other related field
Fashion Designer &
Product Developer

Chooses the proper factory for production
Insures that costing is in line
Checks sample statuses,
Controls materials/construction quality
Manages the production calendar
& Qualifications
Good analytical and math skills
Ability to respond quickly to situations
Knowledgeable of apparel industry and trends
Knowledgeable of materials, trims, and construction
Knowledgeable of illustration, flat sketching, presentation boards, specs, and patterns
Good communication skills
Create a “portfolio that contains sample of garments, sketches, and designs to showcase to prospective fashion product developer’s ideas, creativity and skills.
Gain experience by being as an assistant for designers, pattern makers, tailors or retail positions.
Freelance or contract design work for individual clients
Cristal Hernandez
Assistant product developer
Associate product developer
Product developer
Product developer director
VP product developer
Job Advancement
Product Developer
Product Developer
Working Conditions
Usually works forty hours per week, including evenings and weekends.
Due to deadlines, sporadic schedule and meetings, working under pressure occurs often. They also tend to travel often to meet with clients.
Usually works forty hours per week,including evenings and weekends
Due to deadlines, sporadic schedule and meetings, working under pressure occurs often.
Travel is usually is required to often meet with clients
Work Cited
Duties & Responsibilities
Drawing/sketching skills
Creative and ability to work in a team
Knowledge of textile, color, and silhouette
Understand finances, sales, and marketing
Good communication skills
Ability to forecast trends and understand customer
Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator, AutoCAD skills
Assistant Designer
Associate Designer
Designer to Senior Designer
Creative Director
VP of Design
Further develop communication skills to clearly communicate with buyers, manufacturers, pattern cutters, sales people and much more.
Expand knowledge of garment construction and industry technology
Wholesale or manufacturing establishments
Apparel companies
Theater or dance companies, and design firms
Self employment
The Fashion Manufacturing Initiative
The Fashion Incubator
National Association of Sustainable Fashion Designers
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Earth Shift
American Association of Family and Consumer Sciences
Gain experience as an assistant for designers, pattern makers, tailors or retail positions.
Fashion design or manufacturing internships
Product design engineer
Product development engineer
Industrial designer
Self employment
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Develop market awareness
Expand knowledge of consumer purchasing powers
Follow current and predictions of trends
Opens doors for other job occupations in the fashion industry
Balance between creative and business side of fashion
Fashion Designer
Thank you for Watching!
Music: Desire by Years & Years
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