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The Combat

No description


on 19 March 2015

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Transcript of The Combat

The Combat
The Combat is part of the animal kingdom.
The cell structure is multicellular and also a eukayotic cell.
It reproduces sexually.
It is a heterotrophic.
It consumes both plants and animals.
The Combat consumes Jack Rabbits, it can catch it because of its very quick speeds.
The Combat also consumes cacti, the water in the cactus help the combat get rehydrated.
The Combat is a hybrid between a Cougar and a Wombat. Special features, like strong stomach acid, agility, speed, strength, and camouflage.
The Combat can last long without water, it can jump very high, it can run for a long time at a fast speed, it has very tough skin so it can rip the cactus to get water supplies.
The Combat is eaten by Vultures, even thought it is not dead or rotting.
The Combat can also be eaten by a large cat, such as a lion.
The Combat is located in the Grasslands, where it is an open area to hunt and search for prey. There is patches of grass scattered around the ground. The trees there are in a few bunches and some by themselves. Plants such as cacti can be found in the grasslands.
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