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Sarah Clancy

on 5 February 2013

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Transcript of Volcanoes

Things I Already Knew VULCANOLOGIST
VULTURE PEOPLE Volcanoes Volcanoes A Volcano is an opening in the Earths crust, Where lava, ashes and many different gases emerges from the opening. pg.4 Dormant A volcano that is not active, but not completely extinct pg.5 Lava Molten rock that oozes or flows above the Earths surface pg.7 Vocabulary Molten rock beneath the Earth's surface. pg.8 Magma Vulcanologist A type of scientist who studies volcanoes pg.7 Cool Facts Vulcanologist have to wear special suits just to get near a little stream of lava and gas masks because of the sulfur in the air and many other toxic gases. Many islands are made because of volcanoes by the cooling lava that comes out of the volcano to make a plate of land. As the layers keep on spreading the rock becomes very stable. Cool Facts I already knew that gasses in volcanoes can suffocate a human or animal because the volcanic gasses are thick and have particles of ash. By: Shriam Joshi I knew that there were three different volcanoes; composite, cinder-cone, and shield volcano Why I picked this Book I picked this book because when I saw it I was immediately interested in the book cover. I also picked the book because I really like volcanoes and I knew a lot about them. http://www.weatherwizkids.com/weather-volcano.htm http://www.geocities.ws/alhy731/volcanoes/type.html http://www.uwec.edu/jolhm/EH4/Volcano/types.htm Composite Volcano Shield Volcano Cinder Cone
Volcano Things I Already Knew There are three different types of volcanoes; Composite Cinder Cone, and Shield volcanoes. As rocks and minerals from a hot spring cool, the minerals shine colors like bright yellow, blue, pink and green 3 2 1 Scientist use steam turbines to generate electricity for the cities by capturing the steam produced by volcanoes. 5 4 http://fineartamerica.com/featured/4-hot-springs-and-geysers-in-yellowstone-pierre-leclerc.html JUST KIDDING THEY ARE! http://planetbryan.deviantart.com/art/Vultureman-266452940 I knew that volcanoes erupt because of the pressure under the Earths crust causes the magma to rise and explode. http://acenturyofnovember.com/html/gallery_gases.php
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