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Chiara Cabildo

on 24 February 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

SKULL -protect our soft,
fragile brains. - it contains the bones of the
face, which help to form our
appearance, and holding our
teeth in place. CLAVICLE collarbone - doubly curved short bone
that connects the arm to
the body located directly
above the first rib. cranium & facial bones SCAPULA -connects the humerus
(upper arm bone) with
the clavicle (collar bone). HUMERUS - long bone in the
arm that runs from the
shoulder to the elbow. SHOULDER
GIRDLE RIB CAGE thoracic cage -formed by the vertebral column,
ribs and sternum and encloses
the heart and lungs. VERTEBRAL COLUMN spine -is a column usually
consisting of vertebrae
and cartilages. RADIUS -one of the two large bones
of the forearm, the other
being the ulna. ULNA -one of the two large bones
of the forearm, the other
being the radius. PELVIC GIRDLE -lower part of the trunk,
between the abdomen
and the lower limbs (legs). CARPALS -cluster of bones in the wrist
between the radius and ulna
and the metacarpus. METACARPALS -run from the base of the wrist
to the base of each finger. PHALANGES -long bones that make up
the fingers and toes. FEMUR thigh bone -most proximal bone of the leg capable
of walking or jumping. TIBIA FIBULA -the smaller of the two bones, and,
the slenderest of all the long bones. -the larger and stronger of the two
bones in the leg below the knee. -group of five long bones in the foot
located between the tarsal bones
and the phalanges of the toes. METATARSALS
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