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AinC1 - Communities

Module overview & What is a community?

Ashley Barnes

on 2 October 2013

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Transcript of AinC1 - Communities

Arts in the Community
1. Module guide
2. Meet some people
3. Discuss what we mean by 'Community'
4. Sign up for paid Role-play

“a group of people living in the same place or having a particular characteristic in common”
“(the community) the people of a district or country considered collectively, especially in the context of social values and responsibilities; society”
You are in the Council arts dept and have to make decisions about which communities to support - with limited resources. What groups will you prioritise?
The following groups have all asked for some support

- Pre-school children
- The over 60’s
- Learning disabled adults
- People with mental health problems
- Recovering drug addicts
- The homeless
- Physically disabled children
- Single parent groups
- Disaffected teenagers
- Asylum seekers
- Ex servicemen’s support group
- Asian women’s group
- Amateur dramatic society
- Morris dance group
Why is one group more worthy of support than another?

What about people who might be part of more than one group, aren't they unfairly advantaged?

Do you think involvement in 'The Arts' should be for all or for the more deserving?

What about groups that get plenty of charitable support already?

What about groups that have a social purpose? Should there be an 'outcome' to the activity such as 'rehabilitation'?
Role-play opportunity
Bb / Online resources
Last accessed: 4.10.12
Last accessed: 4.10.12
"Community can be a warmly persuasive word to describe an existing set of relationships, or the warmly persuasive word to describe an alternative set of relationships" [Williams 1973, p76]
"What is most important, perhaps, is that unlike all other terms of social organisation... it never seems to be used unfavorably, and never to be given any positive opposing or distinguishing term" [Williams 1973, p76]
> Is 'community' a politically weighted word?
> What does he mean by warmly persuasive?
What communities are you part of?
Which definition applies to them?

Is the term contested?
Session 1
Thursday 3rd October 2013

KUPPERS, Petra (2007) 'Community Performance: An introduction'. Routledge
WILLIAMS, Raymond (1973) 'Keywords'. Oxford University Press
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AinC1 - Communities
Could also explore:
Ashley Barnes

Starter activity
Make a note of the 'communities'
you are part of.
I will ask you later
Arts in the Community
Law Department at SHU needs some people to do Role-play / Simulation with their students. You have first dibs.
It requires you to learn a scenario and a commitment to be there on Friday 11th October 1-3pm, Tues 15th Oct from 4pm, Possibly Weds 16th Oct and Thurs 17th Oct from either 2pm or 4pm.
You will be paid £10ph (including travel)
Practical groups
Group A: First half of alphabet. Lucy Aram to Dannie Needham

Group B: Second half of alphabet. Charles Oni to Coral Young
Through the premise of targeting resources we can ask questions like...
You will have your own answers
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