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Tattoo Project

No description

Sarah Clifton

on 26 October 2012

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Transcript of Tattoo Project

Mom They are trendy They look good if they're done right

Many people have tattoos

They are a fashionable way to express yourself They are safe They use sterilized needles

I would go to an expert to get it done.

I would make sure they used proper sanitary products on my skin.

I will make sure to do all my research on the place and person doing it. The Expert Says... Buffy Common Thoughts About Tattoos Pros and Cons They are tacky You will not get a white collar job They are inappropriate for fifteen year olds They are not safe You can get Hepatitis B and C You can get skin cancer They are unsanitary You are going to regret it later in life They are extremely painful Painful laser surgery to remove They are very expensive
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