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HR Compliance in a Ready Made Garments Factory

No description

sidartul muntaha

on 30 November 2015

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Transcript of HR Compliance in a Ready Made Garments Factory

Client List
Young One Corporation is a Korea-based company principally engaged in the manufacture and distribution of outdoor sportswear and shoes.
Number of workers (CEPZ): 27396 in CEPZ and 8500 in DEPZ
Apparels: more than 15000
Accessories: more than 10000
On average 10000 workers are employed in each sector of Young One CEPZ corporation.
Youngone Sportswear Ltd.
Karnaphuli Sportswear Ltd
Lalmai Sportswear Ltd
Youngone Sport Shoes Ltd
Youngone Padding Ltd
Youngone Garments Accessories Ind Ltd
Shinhan Emulsion Co. (Bd) Ltd
Surma Garments Washing And Finishing Co.

Youngone Factories In CEPZ
HR Compliance in a Ready Made Garments Factory
Presented by:
Meherab Shariar Alif
Sidratul Muntaha
Imran Siddik
Fatema Tuz Zohra
Kamran Siddil
Ruthba Irteza Chowdhury

Established in : 1988
Manpower during initial stage: 240 employees
Total unit :
12 unit
1 central office
4 units in DEPZ
Major exporting counties: USA, Canada, Europe
Total export: US $ 183,794,311.00

Youngone At A Glance
Product line (RMG Sector)



Junior operator


Line leader

Team Leader

Asst. Manager

Section Manager
The Organogram Of Young One

Cartoon box
Poly bag

Land’s end
Eddie baur
CEO (President/ MD)

Executive Director

General Manager

Deputy GM

Deputy Manager
Senior Manager
Junior Manager

Types Of Workers
The temporary workers are made permanent after probation period is complete.
A worker has a 3 month probation period
A non-worker has 6 month probation period.

Recruitment & Selection
On the managerial positions:
Internal recruitment
On the manufacturing levels:
Provisional hiring
Internal recruitment
Performance Appraisal
The following methods are used for evaluating the performance in young one:
360 degree evaluation
Management by objectives

Termination Of Employees
The termination of a worker and employees are as per BEPZA/ BLA 2006.
In case of termination for misconduct or fraud, 7 days notice is given to the worker to show cause and justification.

Employee/Worker Training & Development
Each and every employee has to go through a training process in Young One:
On the job training
Session training
The managerial employees are also provided with skills developing opportunity,
The company finances higher training and further study of employees.
Salaries & Benefits
Follows BEPZA rules Gazette 2013 (November)
All the rules are followed as per Labor Law 2006 and Labor Rules 2006.
BEPZA rule is mostly followed but if does not comply with labor law, then the labor rules are followed.
Salary Structure of Worker
Multi skilled – 11,200tk
Senior Operator – 7280tk
Operator – 6860 tk
Junior operator – 6440 tk
Helper – 5600tk
Salary Structure

Basic :
Add: House Rent (40% Of Basic)
Add: Medical Allowance (Fixed)
Add: Transport Fee (Fixed)
Add: Attendance Bonus (Fixed)

Gross Salary:
Deduct: Personal Tax

Net Salary:

2 festival bonuses : Eid-ul Adha & Eid-ul-Fitr
Payment of Transportation
Bus service
Overtime bonus as per BLA 2006
Provides raincoat, blanket, winter supplies
Free Medical Service
Attendance bonus
Major Benefits
Group Insurance:
Employees get insurance cover of up to 2 lac.
Their also get returns of the same amaount
The premium paid by the employees reach upto 175,000 tk.
Provident Fund:
Employees also have a provident fund.
The provident fund is 8.3% of the basic salary.
The company pays the equal amount as the employees.

Leave and Holidays
Working days:
365- 52(Friday) –12(festive holiday) = 301 days
Types of leave:
Earned leave
Casual leave
Sick leave
Maternity leave
LWP (leave without pay)
Leave & Holidays (Cont’d)
Casual Leave: 10 days (with full pay)
Note: if not enjoyed cannot be encashed.
Earned Leave (Privilege): 1 day in every 22 working days is provided after 1 year of service completion.
Sick Leave: 14 days (half pay- as per BEPZA law)
Leave Without Pay: no limitation- conditions applied.

Maternity leave
60 (pre-natal)
52 days (Post-natel)

Note: the payment of the leave is dependent on the worker. It can be taken in half after and before taking the leave or the full payment can be collected at a time after or before the leave.

Employee Health
The hard working workers are treated medically to ensure their good health
Supply of milk, eggs and bananas for nutrition
Follow up regular medical check-up
On spot clinic
Participation Committee
Young one consists of a participation committee.
Number of the core members: 15 which has been reduced to 10
Chairman: chief of ownership/ director
Participation Committee (Cont'd)
Chairman (chief of director/ director)

Employees (10 people) Worker (5 people)
Corporate Social Responsibility
Water treatment plant :
young one has a water treatment plant in each of their establishment which relases the toxic chemicals from water so that the environment is not polluted.
Air treatment:
Young one is also initiating Air treatment in the factory to ensure pure and undisturbed air aupply for the betterment of the employees.
Corporate Social Responsibility
young one has installed dustbins and garbage cans in each of their establishments as well as throughout the CEPZ area to avoid littering
Sattelite clinic (MOMOTA)
In a nutshell it can be said that Youngone is one of the oldest and one of the best operating factory in CEPZ. this garments has one of the best HR facilities. Its not only objective oriented but also employees oriented.
Employee Safety
Young One is very particular about their employee safety. They have taken the following measures for the worker safety:
Toxic free mask
Goggles for protecting the eyes
Needle guard for the sewing department
Metal gloves for machine work
Pulley cover and guard
Fire Safety Drill

Indusrtial Dispute
Amount (BDT)

560 tk


Calculation of Salary & Benifits
Basic sallery =[Gross-Medical allowence 560tk] ÷ 1.4

House rent = [ basic salary * 40%]
Increment =[ basic salary * 10%]

Increment is given from Join date to end of one year.

Chairman, Youngone Corporation; Kihak Sung
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