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The Benefits of LinkedIn

No description

William Weldon

on 10 November 2017

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Transcript of The Benefits of LinkedIn

LinkedIn and more...
Connect Alumni
Basic Features

1. Posting Updates
2. Showing your VALUE 24/7
3. Commenting on content of your network posts
Alum Feature!!!
5. Introductions
6. Recommendations
7. Groups
Your own professional philosophy on "network sharing"
Web Presence


We Cannot Ignore Social Media...
Millions of members


Top in a Google search hit
Research and Recruiting Services
People are researching your "web footprint"
85 of the Fortune 100 use LinkedIn hiring solutions
Where are they NOW?
University Pages Options
Alum Career Path (164,597)
Where do they work?
For whom?
What do they do?
Becoming FEE based (Job Board)
"Featured Applicant"
TOP of the Pile...
"$29.95 per month “Job Seeker Premium”


2016 Bullhorn Survey
Web presence can also keep you unemployed...
Evidence of drinking and/or drug use

Profile displayed poor communication skills

He/she bad-mouthed previous employers

He/she made discriminatory comments related to race, gender, or religion

He/she lied about their qualifications
NEW as of August 2013
6.46 million LinkedIn passwords leaked online
June 2013
Change Your PASSWORD
Not TOO much contact info
Turn on LinkedIn's Secure Browsing Mode

Using Alumni Tools...
1. View major and path with outcomes in mind
2. Explore industries & paths outside of major
3. Determine top skills to develop now
4. Find contacts outside of geographic area
5. Connect with an insider at an employer of interest
6. See how skills can be transferable
7. Discover the value of a network
LinkedIn Dos & Don'ts
-Keep it professional & appropriate. Think 1st
-Reach out & make meaningful connections.
-Seek out intentional testimonials & genuine endorsements
-Choose groups carefully
LinkedIn Dos & Don'ts
-Don't "Blanket Connect"
-Don't fabricate
-LinkedIn is different than other social
media websites...
-Avoid being over-active and inactive
-Professional vs. Personal

June 2013
User Data
Average household income
- $109,000
Average years of experience
– 15 yrs.
Average age
– 41 yrs.

36% are “decision-makers”

Who do you know?

LinkedIn tells you WHOM you know....

3 Degrees of Connection!

Path to Profile
1.Your picture
2.Your headline
3.Your summary
4.Your experience
5.Keywords. Keywords!!
7.Groups and associations
8.Ensure you have a “Fully Completed Profile"

“promotion” or a “prevention” mindset...how does this relate to this class?
MINDSET First....then network.
focused people networked because they wanted to and approached the activity with excitement, curiosity, and an open mind about all the possibilities that might unfold.

focused people saw networking as a necessary evil and felt inauthentic while engaged in it, so they did it less often and, as a result, underperformed in aspects of their jobs.
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