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Guest communication and merchandising

No description

Ella Fenton

on 19 March 2015

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Transcript of Guest communication and merchandising


Blink and you won't miss it...
“Research suggests that what we think of as free will is largely an illusion: much of the time, we are simply operating on automatic pilot and the way we think and act are a lot more susceptible to outside influences than we realize."

Malcolm Gladwell, 
Blink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking

Guest communication and merchandising
Equip you with the tools you need for a successful merchandising week
Understand the power of merchandising

Explain the purpose of guest facing comms
To clarify the expected brand standards going forward

Internal experts
What we did
External experts
Guest comms
To engage and interest our guests

To inform them of reasons to visit

To relate and engage the guest, and win their loyalty
We do this through careful communication and attractive pubs that build a sense of belonging
Let's start with an example...
What did the board say?
What did it actually say - to you?
Let's try again....
Quiz time
Core takeout
External comms
What about if you walked past the same message a week later?
Your message needs kerb appeal
You only have seconds
Simplicity is key
Your message says more about you than you think
Written in real white chalk

New message that day

Short – you only have a few seconds to convey your message

Clear, concise and attention grabbing

Twitter handle written at the bottom of the board
Internal comms
(First drink)
Clean and tidy

Legal notices displayed in frames

Polite notices displayed in frames

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