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Effective Communication

No description

Tang Hoi Ling

on 5 October 2012

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Transcript of Effective Communication

... small Spark (cc) image by nuonsolarteam on Flickr Benefits & Importance
Effective Communication Clarity Courtesy Conciseness Completeness Concreteness Principles of Effective
Communication - simple language
-Avoid using technical words and professional
-Use abbreviation (short term) carefully
-choose words accurately
-Speed of utterance should be moderate. Barriers in
& Solutions
-Appropriate choice of words, style

of writing, gestures and facial expressive, -Think about what the receiver needs to know

-Use refined language supplemented by

images(e.g. diagrams, graphs or symbols). -Give all the necessary information

-Avoid argument in the future

-Including the important information -Make the purpose of the message clear

-Provide the exact and specific content

-To be exact and specific in the contents 5'C Definition "Effective Communication"

-Is a two-way process that sending the right message, that is also being correctly received and understood by the other person. Effective Communication In Daily Life Winky, Ling What is Effective Communication? How to achieve ? Non-verbal
Communication Preparation Knowing Your Audience Effective Listening Environment - Be aware of how close you stand to people
while speaking.
- Avoid distracting gestures
- Make sure your body matches up with your words
to communicate effective. - Make notes and ready yourself
to answer questions and take advice for lectures, presentation or business
meeting if you have time. - Use appropriate language
- Use appropriate body languages
- Take specific knowledge for
granted. - To speak and listen precisely and persuasively,
- To maintain eye contact and listen
to everything the other person says
- People listen to and learn from each
other. - Environment greatly affects
- Communicate in an environment
that is spacious,
comfortable and relevant to what
you'll talk about. Will Effective Communication being affected? Conclusion References Factor affecting Effective Communication Inconsistent non-verbal language - Receiver may get confused

- Keep body language match with their speech
to avoid misunderstanding Inappropriate Channels - E.g.Verbal communication is not effective
to transmit lengthy messages
- Understand the pros and cons of different
-->choose the right channel Lack of attention -Receiver is tired or not interested
in the message

-Give feedback Disparity in Knowledge - Use jargon or technical terms

-Use simple words Adverse Environment -environment is unable for communication (e.g. noise)

-Improve communication environment Information Overload -May lose or ignore the message

-Use multiple channels Avoid misunderstanding
& Reduces conflict -Poor communication
-Effective communication
-->resolve conflicts
-->build harmony &
bridge communication gaps From meaningful relationships
& Strengthen relationships -Helps people understand what
they want and expect from each other
-->build strong personal
& business relationships
-Enhance mutual understanding & trust Improve job Satisfaction & For career development -Feel their presence makes difference to the organization
-Orders & requests are being cared
-Greater chances
--> promotion
-Effective communication skills
-->Get benefit in life more easily Helps in achieving goals -Helps a person to get more than what he or she expects out of life
-->Capable of communicating thoughts
-->People understand you instantly
-Offer resources that require to achieve dreams & goals. To gain self-
& Influence others -Self-other understanding
-->Insight into ourselves and others
-->Develop self-awareness.
-Feedback to each other
-Numerous opportunities for self-other discovery -have the power to influence others
-effectively make decisions and resolve conflicts and problems. How can i do when i face some difficulties? How Effective Communication benefit to us?
Is it important to our daily life? "Communication Works" Teri
Kwal Gamble, Michael Gamble
"The Basics of Communication-A Relation Perspective" Steven Duck, David T. McMahan
E-How.com, http://www.ehow.com/about_5040494_benefits-effective-communication.html , http://www.ehow.com/list_7332177_factors-affecting-effective-communication.html
BenfitOf.net, http://benefitof.net/benefits-of-effective-communication/
Effective communication .net The End Group 1 Communication is important in our daily life. In order to improve our daily life, we need to develop an effective communication by achieving the 5'C and able to avoid the barriers that may occur in any communication progress Activity Time!! Video Session Emotional Influences -receiver’s understanding of the message may be affected by one’s emotions
-The best approach to emotions is to seek to understand -sender may purposely screen out “good” information only

-Build trustful relationships Filtration Selective perception -receiver may have biases

-Listen actively
-->receiver should listen for the real meaning of the message
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