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Momentum Advanced Planning

No description

Momentum Advanced Planning

on 31 January 2017

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Transcript of Momentum Advanced Planning

High net worth individuals, families, and/or business owners with $20+ million net worth including business value
Individuals making $1+ million/year
Highly profitable companies
Top executives earning seven figure incomes
Second-tier executives critical for continuity and transition
May own significant amounts of life insurance
Logical and emotionally motivated to change
The Client
Taxes (Corporate & Individual): deferral and minimization
Business risk mitigation
Asset protection/loss of capital
Key employee retention
Legacy perpetuation
Charitable giving
Making pre and post tax compensation enhancements
Navigating discriminatory limits
Leveraging the upside within tax-favored plans
Keeping, incentivizing, and attracting key people
Addressing risk protection for the firm and its owners
Who makes the best candidate?
Momentum Helps Your Ideal Clients
Ideal clients interested in:
Starting a Conversation
Talking Points: Broaching the Subject with Your Client
ABC is large and highly successful
ABC has a large number of employees
ABC has a large leadership team
ABC has a wide range of compensation levels among employee segments
Traditional 401k approach has not been a good fit for your needs
You would like to address the attraction, retention, and incentive issues for your executive team
"I wanted to make you aware of Momentum, our advanced planning partner. It was founded by Josh Coleman, who was tasked with establishing a family office after the third generation business that his family established sold to a publicly traded company."
Talking points
"Josh was tasked with putting in place all the advanced planning structures and finding, vetting, and assembling a team of best-in-breed experts in the tax, investment, and risk management fields. This network served as the backbone of Momentum Advanced Planning."
Talking points
"Since establishing this network and financial road map for his own family, Josh decided to bring his expertise to the middle market. Momentum has evolved to act as a general contractor for a significant number of successful family businesses, providing advanced planning consulting and access to the right experts to get any plan instituted."
Talking points
"Josh previously worked for and continues to collaborate with the firm Towers Watson, which specializes in creating customized deferred compensation plans for Fortune 100 companies."
Talking points
"Momentum has worked with companies that are similar in size and scope of ABC including groups with similar makeup in in employee population."
Talking points
"If you are open to it I would like to suggest we arrange a brief 15-20 minute call. The purpose of the call would be to simply introduce you, give you the opportunity to learn more about Momentum and how they help clients like ABC, and to see if this is a relationship you would like to explore further."
Talking points
Working Together
Identify and Introduce Prospect
Data Gathering and Concept Design
Finalization, Implementation, and Maintenance
Benefits through Partnership
Partner Portal
Single Login Portal
Partner Data Room
Advisors working with Momentum have access to our Partner Data Room with all they need to get started:

Prospect identification
Product positioning
Firm and product collateral
How to effectively market our products
All data exchange is secure, confidential, and compliant
All client information forms are digitally editable and submitted over a secure network

At any point in our relationship, you can reach out to Kristen Weber (kweber@momentumap.com) or Clivie Boxley (cboxley@momentumap.com) with questions or concerns.

Partner Benefits
How We Help You
Momentum Advisor Relationship Road Map
Contact Us
Introducing Momentum to Potential Clients
1. The Client
2. Starting a Conversation
3. Working Together
4. Partner Portal
5. Benefits Through Partnership
6. Contact Us
Our Advisor Relations team help you assess potential candidates and assist you in the initial phases of the discovery process.
Post roll out, the advisor discusses Momentum strategies with their clients. Any questions are directed to
Kristen Weber
A client is identified who fits within our profile and product offering. This information is entered into a Prospect Questionnaire.
Questionnaires are housed in our secure central file repository and can be accessed through our Partner Portal or through
Clivie Boxley
Submission of questionnaires triggers our first phase of communication about potential solutions

Steve Rice
, Director of Advisor Relations reviews submitted questionnaires and makes contact with you to schedule a call.
Once the call is scheduled, our team uses the information from the prospect questionnaire to facilitate our first conversation with you and your client. Our Advisor Relations Department introduces Momentum and initial discovery is conducted.
Call notes are reviewed and a custom action plan is established.
This plan is relayed to Momentum Design Department and illustrations are initiated.
Our Partner Portal allows you to track Design deliverables through each stage of our relationship.
We centralize and manage everything you need to get started. We assess current planning structure, organize client info, and present multiple scenarios for success.
We work closely with the advisor's client and their existing advisors and finalize a custom-tailored plan of action.
We ensure timely completion of critical final stages and our Relationship Managers support each account for the duration of the engagement.
Our Partner Portal lets you track the progress of each case, get live updates as each case moves forward.
Track exactly how much you
stand to make on each case we work on together.
Track which documents have been submitted, and which deliverables are due when.
By adding Momentum services to your current product offering, you are able to better service the needs of affluent clients, scale your business, and elevate practice profitability.
Access to one-stop resource in large advanced case markets.
Virtual data room with planning materials and multi-level strategies.
You own your
Clients remain your clients throughout the length of our relationship.
On-site advanced planners, training, seminars, and events.
All the collateral and support you need to understand and market our services successfully.
Streamlined project management for each individual case we work on together.
Oversight of all third party service providers.
Solution maintenance from start to finish.
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