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Looking back at my preliminary task, what do I feel I have l

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katie fisch

on 12 April 2016

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Transcript of Looking back at my preliminary task, what do I feel I have l

Evaluation 7
Looking back at my preliminary task, what do I feel I have learnt in this progression from it to the full product?
In the prelim task, we used very basic camera shots such as using the 180 degree rule and closeups. In contrast to this, in our opening sequence we use more advanced camera shots such as zoom, tracking shot, over the shoulder, wide, medium etc. For example we used over the shoulder shot to show her conversation with the catfish. This enabled us to show the audience how the catfish is very keen on metting Lucy therefore makes it very creepy. Our improved skills of camera work enabled us to make the opening look much better.
In the beginning of the AS media couse, our teacher gave us a prelim task which invlolved using the 180 degree rule and only using a few shots such as closeup, medium close up, wide shot etc. In contrast to this, we used shots such as over the shoulder, tracking shot, panning and tilting in our thriller opening sequence. In comparison to my prelim and our thriller 'Dead Silence' opening sequence, we were more in control of what to edit, add or remove whereas in the prelim task, we were told what to do and how to do it.
In our prelim story board, it was given to us, pre prepared by our teacher telling us what shots to use and a written script.
In our thriller opening sequence story board, we added more detail such as within the drawings of the set, the various camera shots, mise-en-scene and script if there was any. This gave us a more accurate picture of how it was going to turn out and enabled us to focus on particular shots such as the tracking shot which was far more developed than our prelim. We also, by visualising this, it enabled us to think more about what we wanted to include and exclude such as location.
In our prelim we did not use any props at all, whereas in our thriller opening sequence we used a number of props such as a black glove, black clothes, makeup effects such as mascara running down the female character's face when she has been tied up in the basement. We also used props such as a laptop where the teenage girl is talking to the catfish on social media. Using props adds a more realistic atmosphere to the clip, therefore our prelim looked very unprofessional. This was more advanced than our prelim because we had to think about what props we would use in order to make it more effective.
Close up
over the shoulder shot
Even though we used premiere pro to edit our prelim and our thriller opening sequence, we improved our skills in order to make the sequence flow better and look more professional. We improved by adding in sound effects, transitions in sounds such as fade in and fade out whereas in our prelim is was simple cuts between each shot. We also used video after effects in our thriller opening sequence by adding a recording camera template in the basement scene which showed as if Lucy was being recorded as she was tortued and tied up. Lastly, we figured out how to slow down clips to put in slow motion therefore made it more tense and built suspense to that clip. Therefore, this shows our improved skills throughout the opening sequence in contrast to my prelim where there was no music.
We used many sound effects in order to build suspense throughout the opening sequence. We used the sounds heartbeat, walking footsteps, typewriting and a police siren to emphasise the atmosphere. In our prelim we did not use any sound effects therefore did not add any extra effect on the audience and was very plain. We put the police siren in the background of the clip where Lucy is walking to the house which makes the audience thinks it is a dangerous area and maybe she shouldnt be there. We also used non-diegetic sound when showing Lucy typing on her computer which was quite happy piano music whereas when the clip changed to the catfish talking, the music was more creepy and deep to make it more scary and show the audience it is a bad character. We also figured out how to do voice overs. For example, when Lucy is being tortured, we added in our male characters voice 'bye bye Lucy, it will be fun... killing you, ciao'. This made the ending scene more creepy as we dont know what will exactly happen next.
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