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Google Docs

No description

Sydney Schroeder

on 15 April 2013

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Transcript of Google Docs

A Google Docs Guide Presentation Docs Google Docs is known to many, many, many, people. But questions like who invented Google Docs, what it includes, and why do kids need their own Google Docs account are common. Now, you can find out all of this and more! Who Invented Google Docs? Google Docs started as two separate companies. One of them, was Writely, which was created by Upstartle. Writely was a web-based word processor that was launched in August, 2005. The other company was a spreadsheet. Google Labs Spreadsheets, created by Google, which was launched in June, 2006. After that, Google bought over Writely and merged it with it's own Google Labs Spreadsheets. That created Google Accounts, later known as Google Docs. Spreadsheet
Great for graphing, charting and all of your math needs, is spreadsheet. With special formulas you can create graphs charts and much more. There is so much you can do. The E-Mail Does kids=Google Docs? Is it a hazard to internet safety? Many kids in Culver have their own Google Docs account. Is this good? I personally think it is. Now kids are getting homework and assignments by e-mail, e-mails from their teachers, online assignments, and even more. The Future of Technology The Parts of Google Docs Google Docs Google Docs has different parts to it. You can choose from a document, a presentation, a spreadsheeet, a form, or a drawing. Document
The document is for writing, but it's also a way to share and collaborate. You can share your work with your friends, classmates, and teachers. Two or more people can work on the same document at the same time from different devices. That's pretty cool. Presentation
If you want to present you idea or thoughts, presentation is for you. You can make slides, add text, pictures, videos, and more, share your presentation with others and collaborate with them, and give your schoolwork essays in a cooler way. Form
Do you want to give a survey, a little quiz, or a test to your friends? With form you can! You can fill out a form and choose from a text response, multiple choice,check boxes, choose from a list, a scale, or a grid. Then you can e-mail it to whoever you want and then chart the answers they give you. Drawing
With drawing you can create charts with a wide selection of shapes, make a timeline, or just draw. create something new! More Parts of Google Docs Kids=Google Docs? Google Docs includes an e-mail account. Kids can communicate with others about homework assignments, school, and more. Google
e-mail is safe, because it is school organized, and not just anyone can get into your personal information or account. Technology is getting better and better every day. Using Google Docs will guide and prepare us for this. In the near future everything will be with technology. We will have online books, our own devices like iPads and Chrome Books. Next year in fifth grade will we be using iPads. Each student will get their own. This, is the future of technology.
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