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Eating Disorders

No description

Emily Collins

on 31 October 2016

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Transcript of Eating Disorders

Eating Disorders
How to Help Your Friends/Family
Coping methods

Try some new hobbies to raise self esteem
Take your mind off of self harm by making a "happy space" in your mind
Say a positive affirmation the mirror to yourself for about 20 days and that positive thing will be a part of you
Play with your cat or walk your dog
Make a list of things you would want to do with your best friends
Tell your friends and family that you love them





What Different Eating Disorders do
Help Numbers
NEDIC Sask health region
(306) 665-7777
715 Queen Street
Sask, Sask

BridgePoint Center
(306) 935-2240
Milden Sk

Professional Counselling Associates
(306) 934-5898
912 Idylwyld dr north
Sask, Sask

CLC: A Path to Healing
Christine Gatzke
(306) 380-7284

Eating Disorders
By: Emily Collins
Anorexia: The victim refuses to eat and drink for long periods of time and or exorcising to become skinner. Anorexia can cause dehydration, heart and kidney problems, low iron, bone loss and low heart rate.

Bulimia: instead of starving them self, the person eats normally or binge eats, then they purge which is vomiting out all the food they ate. Bulimia can cause a damaged esophagus, dehydration, rotting teeth and bad breath.

Purging Disorder: Purging disorder is similar to Bulimia, but instead, the person doesn't eat for long periods of time and also purges. Purging Disorder can cause dehydration, bad breath, rotting teeth and low heart rate.

Rumination Disorder: Mostly occurring in small children and infants, Rumination disorder is regurgitating pre-digested food, chewing on it and either spiting it out or swallowing the food again. Rumination Disorder can cause malnutrition, stomach
aches, phenomena, choking and death
if someone like friend or Family member has an eating disorder, then tell them that you support them and you will be there for the person effected. Also give them a phone number for a local counselor to give them coping methods to get rid of the eating disorder. You can also help them by doing some of the coping methods with them.
Eating disorders are a mental illness surrounding the topic of food and it can effect anybody of any age or gender. Most eating disorders are caused by the media giving mixed messages about how your body should look, some eating disorders are caused by just bad body image. About 24 million people in the US suffer from eating disorders and 50% of them also have depression. Eating disorders can be genetic or psychological. some types of eating disorders are Anorexia, Bulimia, Rumination Disorder and Purging Disorder.
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