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Clairol's Yogurt Shampoo

No description

on 23 March 2015

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Transcript of Clairol's Yogurt Shampoo

Clairol's Touch of Yogurt Shampoo
How did the company try to create demand for the product?
The company did not try to create demand for the product. Clairol could not inform its consumers the benefit of putting yogurt in their hair and therefore the product failed.
The Product
What is/was the target market?
The overall target market would be anyone who uses shampoo and who has been interested in the “back to nature” movement that occurred in the 1970’s.
This product was specifically intended for people with oily hair.
Why did the product not have a clear advantage over competing products?
Other products similar to this shampoo at this time had natural things in it such as honey and various herbs. Honey and herbs don’t spoil like yogurt does and that’s why those products did not fail. Sour milk in your hair generally is not very appealing to consumers.
What advertising was created and/or used?
What were the product’s flaws?
Yogurt spoils and many consumers did not want rotten dairy products in their hair. Also, the bottle confused some consumers and this shampoo was mistaken for just yogurt. These individuals ate the shampoo and became very ill.
What could the company have done differently to make the product more successful?
There are numerous products even today that use natural products in it. There are shampoos with coconut oil, tea tree oil, rosemary oil and even dairy products today. These products focused on the natural benefits these things would bring to your hair, rather than just adding yogurt to a shampoo and not informing consumers the benefits.
What do you think the “lessons learned” are for the company as a result of their failed product?
This company clearly learned their lesson to not put dairy in their products. They even had a failed “Look of Buttermilk” shampoo prior to their “Touch of Yogurt Shampoo.” After both of these failures I’m sure Clairol realized that dairy and shampoo were a bad mix.
There was no advertising that was created for this product. That is one of the reasons why it failed. Consumers were not informed through advertising and therefore the product was misleading and was not successful.
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