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Kickstarting your website with Django + Pinax

No description

Jeremias Kangas

on 9 May 2011

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Transcript of Kickstarting your website with Django + Pinax

Idea for a new website, now what? Money Skills Time + = Business Idea Plentiful Not enough these Rarely succeeds Django + Pinax - Don't reinvent the wheel - It's better to modify old than make a new - Great artists steal (use open source) We used: Our stuff - Authentication, account, profiles
- Mailer, analytics, pagination
etc. small apps
- Forum (snapboard)
- (Wiki) Pinax/Django We didn't use, but still cool: - Tagging, Authentication modules
- Photologue
- Tribes (like facebook groups)
- Activity streams, private betas,
waiting lists Most awesome: - Django-extensions
- Django-debug-toolbar Timeline Idea MVP release Intensive 2 weeks Iterate 3-4 months Develop business features - 2 weeks Sales / Lazy iteration / Hold Techniques - Just get the shit done
- No BDD, no TDD
- No unit tests at all, ugly code
- Agile
- Deploy on home server first, later VPS,
then dedicated server from Hetzner Online
(cheapest!) Business stats - Revenue 500-1500 eur/month
- 3k-6k daily visits
- Most used rim/tire trading site in Finland (OK, LOL) Thank you Questions? Kick-Start your web site with Pinax + Django By: Jeremias Kangas
Kangas Bros. Innovations Oy
www.vannehaku.fi 1. Choose your car model 2. Results
appear 3. Profit! Pinax is great for beginners! - Standard project layout
- Learn from others code, reuse
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