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Process paragraph

How to write a process paragraph

Veronica Nolivos

on 20 November 2012

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Transcript of Process paragraph

Process Paragraph Conclusion Write the body or detail sentences Write a solid topic Sentence End the paragraph with a concluding sentence. It should restate the topic and wrap up the paragraph. The body of the process paragraph is all about the steps. They are generally given in time order. Before writing the body of the paragraph, it is helpful to make a numbered list of all the steps that need to be followed. Then write the body. Make sure to use transitional words for good flow of ideas. Don't write: This is how you organize a three-ring binder.

Write: If you want to stay organized in English class, spend time placing items in your three-ring binder in logical order. Check your paragraph Once you have written your first draft, make sure to check that the whole paragraph flows smoothly and check for any grammar mistakes. Then, write a final copy for your teacher. How to change flat tire First Second Third In conclusion How to organize a three -ring binder first second third next after meanwhile until then in addition and Ways to make Breaking up Easier

Breaking up with a boyfriend or girlfriend can be easier said than done, but here are five steps that may help the breaking up process. First try to distance yourself by suddenly becoming busier than usual. The next step is to calmly tell the other person that how you are feeling.Then gently let him or her know that you do not want to be together anymore. Then make sure to be sensitive of his or her feelings and answer any questions that he or she may have. For example, if the person starts to cry, use kind words to help comfort him or her. After everything is said and done, take some alone time for your self because everyone has feelings to sort out after a break up. Finally, go out with friends and meet new people. With these five steps it will make the breaking up process smooth for both parties.

~© Sara Bedwell~


How To Be A Good Friend

To be a good friend, an individual has to spend time working on her friendships, or they will eventually fade. When two people first meet, they both need to be sure they are acting in good manor, so they don’t scare the other away. After they meet and start talking a few times, they will start getting to know each other, calling each other, and spending more time with each other. That is how a friendship begins. After they call each other “friends”, the friendship has to be made through the effort of more than just one person, so each has to do her own part. Friendships shouldn’t take a lot of money but they do take a lot of time and care. Friends should always listen to what the other has to say, and then should give advice only when asked for it. No matter how much friends are alike, everyone has differences, so a friend should be able to accept their differences. After being a friend to a person for a long period of time, one might get tired of hearing repeated problems everyday, but a good friend will always be there for her friend no matter what.

~© Denise Rafferty~ Process Paragraph examples
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