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Nintendo IMC Campaign

No description

Alex Calvert

on 25 April 2014

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Transcript of Nintendo IMC Campaign

Remind customers of the Nintendo brand
Reinforce strength of existing brand equity

Inform unknowing customers of Wii U
Differentiate from smart phone/tablet market
Differentiate from Wii

Establish target market for Wii U
How can we solve this problem?
Branding and Positioning
Mission Complete!
Alex Calvert
Matt Rosales
Monica Solano-Molina
Jackson Boyle

IMC Objectives
Market Segmentation
Lack of Wii U awareness
Shifting market
Game apps on phones/tablets
Market targeting ambiguity
Targeting hardcore gamer segment
Not technologically sufficient
Entertainment Made Simple
Wii 2006: Blue Ocean
"Get Retro" Campaign
Advertisement by Frame
The "Nostalgic Factor"
There's some Nintendo in all of us
G4, NBC, Spike, Joe TV
Game Informer, Wired, Mental Floss
IGN, The Onion, Huffington Post
Inform Persuade Remind
Wii U 2012: Red Ocean
Easy to use
Leverage first-party software
Mario, Zelda, Donkey Kong etc
Appeal to aging demographic
Grew up with Nintendo
Increased spending power
Not tech-savvy
All in one, no hassle

Sales and Promotions
Public Relations
Social Media
Financial Consideration
Large degree of budgetary freedom
$10.5 billion in free cash flow!

Despite recent losses in sales...

If Nintendo took a $257 million loss every year....
They can support themselves until 2052!
Divol, Edelman, & Sarrazin's Strategies
Monitor and learn from customers

Response and interaction

Amplify and support

Lead consumer behavior

Update Gaming Blogs
Inform Magazines
Game Informer
Build upon existing PR

Mall Promotions
Pop-up stalls in malls of major cites
Customers can try out games and consoles while Nintendo employees answer questions

Summer/Beach theme
Character appearances, prizes, and giveaways

Mario Kart 8 Bundle
Special edition bundle combining the Wii U and new Mario Kart game

Demand for the game drives sales of the consoles

Easily combine advertising for the console with the game

It has been proven to be successful in the past
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