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Juan De Onate

No description

anya elise

on 15 February 2014

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Transcript of Juan De Onate

Juan De Onate
Governor of the Colony
-He was a proud, arrogant, and strict leader, he dealt with dissenting colonists and Indians harshly.
-When he traveled, he left his colony in disarray: lack of food, trouble with the natives and no money.
-At one point, he even punished men by cutting off one of their feet and sentencing them to 20 years of service to the colonists.
- In 1608 Onate was removed from governor and sent to Mexico City to be tried for mistreatment of natives and abuse of power.

Impact on Society
-Juan de Onate's poor leadership of the colony, along with the quality of the land, lack of silver, and native resitance caused many of it's inhabitants to leave.
-The Acoma popuation was destroyed by Onate's soldiers, leaving only 200 of the previous 2,000, after an Acoma revolt.
- The natives were not only introduced to an entirely new religion, they were forced to pledge loyalty to Spain.
- Onate did, however, create the first European colonies in the southwestern part of what is currently the United States.
"Juan De Onate." Juan De Onate. N.p., n.d. Web. 13 Feb. 2014. <http://www.elizabethan-era.org.uk/juan-de-onate.htm>.
Onate was from Zacatecas, New Spain.
In 1595, he requested to explore the area that is now New Mexico, for the government of Spain.
born: 1550? - Zacatecas, New Spain(Mexico)

died: 1630 - Spain

Son of wealthy parents Cristobal de Onate and Catalina de Salazar.

Married: Isabel de Tolosa Cortes Moctezuma, descendant of Hernan Cortes and Moctezuma.
Where in the world...
From there, he traveled North, crossing the Rio Grande at El Paso. In 1598 he created a base at San Juan, from which he sent out expeditions to search for a nonexistent treasure.
Zacatecas was a mining town in the state of Zacatecas, Mexico. Onate's father owned the mine.
Juan de Onate expanded the Camino Real about 600 miles North, only increasing Spain's hold in the Americas.
Spain's territory went from this...
...to this.
Onate served as governor, launching more expeditions to the East, West, and North, in search of treasure and resources. He often left the colony in New Mexico to it's own devices when he lead such explorations.
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