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Amy Horn

on 3 May 2010

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Transcript of 1920s

Credit Cards Why do people have Credit Cards? -Quick money, available at any time, pay back on your own schedule, easy to get/apply, offer rewards Let's make a list:
Pros and Cons What do people typically buy on credit?
What would you buy? Advertisements of the 1920's
United States grew from
$200 million in 1880
$3 billion in 1920. What are some important things to notice when analyzing an advertisement? What is the ad trying to do... Who is the intended audience??? How do they sell the product?
For example:
Is the product being used in the ad or just featured?
Is there an emotional appeal?
Price? or Reduced Price?
Celebrity Endorsement?

Here are some Advertisements from the 1920's Think about ads today
What do they say about society?
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