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Geographical Space

No description

Cristina Paredes

on 6 June 2016

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Transcript of Geographical Space

1. Geographical Space
Place in which we live
Where we do all of our activities
Object of study of Geography
conformed by components
Natural and human-made environments
Constructed and transformed by humans
Cohabitation between nature and society
Can be represented in maps with geographical coordinates
Changes and is transformed
Natural components:
Relief (mountains, plateaus, plains, depressions
Bodies of water (rivers, lakes, seas, oceans)
Climates (cold, moderate, tropical)
Natural resources
Energy sources
Natural components
Social components:
Result of human existence
According to growth, composition and migration
Social disparities as poverty, hunger, discrimination, etc. are included
Social components
Cultural components:
Expressions of the different human groups (religion, languages, history, traditions, etc.)
There are ancient and modern cultures
Cultural components
Economic components:
Come from economic activities
Cattle and livestock raising
Activities humans develop in order to satisfy needs
Economic components
Political components:
Visible in the political division of the world
How frontiers are outlined
Different forms of government
Political components
Diversity of the geographical space:
Determined by the variety of its components
Natural components can determine how humans relate to them
From this relationship, the other components originate
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