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Uses and Production Process

Prezi on uses and production processes

Liam Green

on 8 November 2012

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Transcript of Uses and Production Process

Production Process This design stage is where you take your ideas and put them onto paper, such as a story board or a mind map.

You just take loads of different ideas and jot them down.

A plan or drawing produced to show the look and function or workings. Design conceptualisation and planning is thinking about what you are going to do and the theme of what its going to be like. Thinking how the idea will spark to life and what is needed to build the idea (what equipment will be needed) Conceptualisation & Planning Creation is where you take your design ideas and put all the different elements such as the all the audio and video and combine them together to create the final creation Creation In this stage of the process where you put product out there to the pubic. this is also linked with the marketing and promotion part of the process. Implementation The testing of the product is where all the different elements are put to the test to see if it flows together and make sure theres no problems. Testing The review and evaluation is when everything is finished it gets reviewd by critics explaining what the product is and an overview of everything. They give there overall opinion to the product. Review & Evaluation Uses &
Purposes Marketing Promotion and Advertising Education, Training and Assessment Entertainment Games, Virtual Reality and Simulation Journalism and information In the Entertainment industry, Interactive Media is very popular. In the stores there are many music apps so people can purchase music and listen to it, there is also music videos that are available to do the same with. There are also many different apps such as shopping apps which can be used to buy CDs and DVDs. People can order items or any other items available to purchase, read and write reviews on apps such as amazon. Another example of entertainment is things such as BBC iplayer and ITV player. All of the example meet the purpose to entertain people. This is when the product is used as a form of promotion this is because of there interactivity. For example smartphones could be used to advertise Certain products and the developer some make money with generating publicity. The product could also be advertised in another interactive media product. A developer of apps can get money with the sale of space in the app to put an advert in it. Adverts on apps are displayed on the display screen. When clicked on it loads a webpage or brings somthing up on the app store. That is a form of promotion. Interactive media products can be used to see information anywhere at anytime such as the sky sports news app where you can see on your smart phone the latest sports news. There are also apps such as cinema apps that shows the times of films when your on the move.
Journalists with interactive media products can give information on the move such as emailing, tweeting and putting information on a number of sources from their interactive media product such as live football scores. They all meet their purpose by give the users the infomation that is necessary. Interactive media products such as interactive CDs are used in schools, they are a great way to interact the children with work of a different form. It gives them a new way of learning, instead of writing information down, it is a new exciting way of learning. Interactive CDs can also be used in training programs for people. Another example is interactive books/textbooks which can also be used in education and training. BBC bitesize has quizes on their website which can be used as a form of eductation becuase the user gets all the infomation on the suject they are studying. This is one of the biggest section of interactive media products. Media is often used in apps in game apps such as cut the rope and FIFA games. These games are normally on smartphones and tablets. Games like Call of duty are based on all of the video game consoles such as Xbox and PlayStation consoles. There are Video game additions such as Xbox kinect and PlayStation move where you can control the game with movement of the body. There are simulators for driving vehicles such as F1 car simulators so the drivers can learn the track before participating.
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